Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Verus iPhone 5S / 5 Case Iron Shield & Thor Series Review

VERUS is manufacturing advanced, functional and good-looking cases for the best digital devices selected by Korean and global users. Our products are designed by specialized designers. Sleek design and material in high quality make our VERUS cases outstanding in the industry. We do not stay at the stage of supplying existing cases only. It is devoting continuous efforts to develop innovative cases, users will be able to prove that they are fashion leaders with their stylish VERUS cases. Complex and sophisticated process of manufacturing is all performed by specialized and well-skilled craftsmen. No single step of manufacturing can be an exception. Careful inspection and quality control are never neglected by VERUS. This is not to have users find our products uncomfortable during use. Also this is how VERUS keeps a reputation of its brand value in the markets.

VERUS is the best in Korean domestic market and now it is becoming the one who leads the global trends.Trying to be a pioneer breaking new ground and keeping up with the newest trends with an open mind and variation of products is what we are doing.
Verus iPhone 5S / 5 Case Iron Shield Series

Precisely Designed Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Metal Case [Domestic & International]

 Extremely Tough yet Slim, Form Fitting Aluminum Frame with Soft Core for Maximu Drop and Scratch Protection

 Detailed Maze inner pattern for better shock absorption

 Streamlined Design for Comfortable and Natural grip

 Luxurious Anodized Metallic Colors with Diamond Cut Edges
My Review:
I love the sleek design of the Verus iPhone 5S / 5 Case Iron Shield Series! The case is very slim but protects your phone extremely well. My phone has been dropped many times on different surfaces and the case has protected it from damage every time. I love the metallic color and the raised edge around the front of the case that protects the screen from scratches. This is a cute but very effective case!
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Verus iPhone 5S / 5 Case Thor Series

Precisely Designed Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Case (Domestic & International)

 Tough yet Slim, Form Fitting Hardshell Construction with Soft Core

 Dual Layered for Maximum Drop and Scratch Protection

 Streamlined Design for Comfortable and Natural grip

 Luxurious Matt Finish w/ Rubberized Edges for Anti Slip
My Review:
The Verus iPhone 5S / 5 Case Thor Series is very protective yet very attractive. I love that the hardshell is form fitting keeping it from bulking up your phone. The dual layer protects your phone from drops and the rubberized edges help the phone to not be dropped in the first place. The case was very easy to put on and has protected my phone from damage through many drops.
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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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