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Surf Sweets & TruJoy Organic Candy Review - #VALENTINESDAYGG

Surf Sweets

Bert Cohen, successful entrepreneur and natural foods devotee discovered Surf Sweets, a brand based in California that embodied the active lifestyle and clean food choices that he valued. His calling from that time on became clear – to create a Candy Contradiction with Surf Sweets.


That mission continues today – our organically sweetened gummy candy and jelly beans are full of the fruity flavor that you expect with none of the yucky ingredients you avoid. Anyone can enjoy Surf Sweets because our candy is free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and the top ten allergens.

You will love how the fresh fruit flavor of the organic fruit juice is revealed when it’s not masked by processed corn syrup and petroleum-based artificial food dyes. Pack them in a lunch box, bring them to a school party, or treat somebody for a job well done and enjoy the guilt free sweet satisfaction of having delicious treats everyone loves and knowing they are free of artificial ingredients.

Though we’re not based in California now, as devoted parents and doting uncles and aunts, we understand the constant quest to find fun products kids love that aren’t filled with icky ingredients so join us grab some Surf Sweets and Snack Happy!

Our lightly sugared all natural Fruity Hearts are fruity, sweet, and irresistibly fun, bursting with cherry and watermelon flavors. Made with organic sweeteners and organic fruit juice, Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts include 100% of Vitamin C per serving so you can feel great about your choice!

•  Made with Organic Fruit Juice

•  No Artificial Colors or Flavors

•   Corn Syrup Free

•  100% Vitamin C per serving

•  Free of the 10 Most Common Allergens

•  Made in a Nut-Free Facility

•  Dairy Free/Casein Free

•  Soy Free

•  Gluten Free

•  Made in the USA

• Vegan

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TruJoy Sweets candies are made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Our products are made without corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. We use organic sweeteners to create a healthier and better tasting product.
Why should I be concerned about artificial colors?

A study completed by the British medical journal The Lancet, showed that artificial colors and preservatives increased hyperactivity and decreased attention span in a wide range of children with and without learning disabilities. A number of food and candy manufacturers in Europe are now removing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from their products. In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a position paper which suggested removing artificial colors and preservatives from the diets of children experiencing ADHD behaviors ( Artificial colors are primarily coal-tar derivatives made from chemical compounds which are made when coal is distilled.
Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, they are produced on gluten-free equipment. We randomly test each batch down to 5ppm to confirm this.

Are your products produced and/or packaged in a facility with other common allergens?

TruJoy Sweets Organic Candy Canes and Organic Lollipops:We are proud to announce that our candy cane and lollipop facility is now peanut free! Our organic candy canes and lollipops are produced on dedicated nut-free, gluten-free, egg- free and dairy- free equipment in a segregated area of a facility that also processes dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts and wheat. The candy cane and lollipop production line is on a dedicated floor and has its own HVAC system.

TruJoy Sweets Organic Fruit Chews/TruJoy Sweets Organic Choco Chews: Our Organic Fruit Chews and Organic Choco Chews are manufactured on equipment used to process peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and soy.

Organic Lollipops

Festive heart shape

A perfect treat for Valentines parties

Peanut free/Gluten free/Vegan/Kosher

Percentage of sales donated to environmental causes

My Review:
Surf Sweets & TruJoy Organic Candy is perfect for Valentines Day! Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts and TruJoy Organic Heart Lollipops are perfect for school Valentines Day parties. Kids will love them and you don't have to feel guilty about giving them unhealthy artificial dyes and flavors since Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts and TruJoy Organic Heart Lollipops are organic and made with all natural organic ingredients. They're peanut and gluten free which is a huge relief to those with allergies and they're Vegan. I absolutely love the flavor of both the Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts and TruJoy Organic Heart Lollipops. Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts and TruJoy Organic Heart Lollipops are a delicious way to celebrate Valentines Day!

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Vosges Haut-Chocolat Exotic Truffle Heart Review - #VALENTINESDAYGG


Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s intriguing chocolate creations are made with the finest ingredients from around the world, sourced by Founder and Chocolatier Katrina Markoff. Three days following her graduation from Vanderbilt University, Katrina moved to Paris to pursue her dream of studying the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu. Using her palate as her guide, she then embarked on a world tour that began with an apprenticeship in Spain under the direction of Ferran Adrià and continued east through Southeast Asia and Australia. The purple house of Vosges Haut-Chocolat and the concept of Travel the World through Chocolate™ were inspired by her journeys. Katrina’s fusion of indigenous spices, flowers, roots, herbs and liqueurs with premium chocolate creates a sensory experience that nurtures awareness of and appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures.

Katrina is the recipient of numerous accolades including being named one of The Top 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, the Bon Appétit Food Artisan of the Year Award, and “THE innovator in chocolate to lead the US through the next 30 years” by Food & Wine Magazine. She was also honored as Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by OPEN American Express and Entrepreneur Magazine. Most recently, Vosges Haut-Chocolat was named one of the 10 Best Chocolatiers in the World by National Geographic.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat's latest endeavor is the construction of a Platinum LEED-certified green manufacturing and chocolate lifestyle house in Chicago, another step in expanding Katrina's mission of spreading Peace, Love, and Chocolate®.

Our 16 piece signature Exotic Truffle Collection includes an array of best selling truffles tucked in a purple heart box. Each box is hand-tied with a purple ribbon, and includes an enclosure booklet describing the flavors of our unique truffles. 

The Exotic Truffle Heart includes: 

(2) Budapest - sweet Hungarian paprika + 62% dark chocolate

(1) Ambrosia - macadamia nuts + Cointreau® + white chocolate

(1) Chef Pascal - kirsch + 62% dark chocolate + dried Michigan cherry

(1) Absinthe- Chinese star anise + fennel + absinthe + dark chocolate + cocoa powder

(2) Black Pearl® - ginger + wasabi + dark chocolate + black sesame seeds

(1)Gianduia - crunchy hazelnut praline + milk chocolate + praline bits

(2) Naga® - sweet Indian curry powder + coconut + milk chocolate

(1) Funk & Disco - banana pudding + vanilla powder + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

(1) Soul & Motown - sweet churned cultured butter ganache + Fleur de Sel sea salt + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

(1) Oaxaca - guajillo y pasilla chilies + 75% Tanzanian dark chocolate + pumpkin seeds

(1) Viola - milk chocolate + candied violet flower

(1) Wink of the Rabbit - soft caramel + deep milk chocolate + pecan

(1) Woolloomooloo - macadamia nuts + coconut + 45% deep milk chocolate


My Review:
Vosges Haut-Chocolat Exotic Truffle Heart makes a wonderful gift this Valentines Day! I love trying new things and chocolate is a favorite of mine so when I got this beautiful Vosges Haut-Chocolat Exotic Truffle Heart to try I was more than thrilled. First of all I love that it contains so many unique flavors making it not only a wonderful gift but an experience in itself. I was also amazed at how some of the flavors that didn't sounds like they'd go together very well were some of my favorites. Just imagine getting this box this Valentines Day and sitting down with your sweetheart to taste some of these exotic but amazing chocolates. 

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SoundSOUL Essential Oil Diffuser Review

SoundSOUL® Aroma Diffuser: Produces a cool or dry fragrant mist by the ultrasonic waves instantly vaporizing water and essential oil in the tank. Keep essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating.

Whisper-quiet with advanced ultrasonic technology, without any interference with your work or sleep. Auto shut-off safety system when waterless protects the product from being burned out.

Before press the " MIST" button, Make sure that you have added water into sink. 6-color changing LED night lamp with spraying fragrant mist releases your stress and mood at night.

Light weight and portable, Fashionable and practicable design, Nice shape and unique style.

Suitable for use at Bedroom, study , office, living room, bathroom , yoga room , SPA shop, fitness room , foot hall, conference room , hotel etc.

My Review:
SoundSOUL Essential Oil Diffuser is awesome! I love that I can use it with my essential oils to fragrance any room in the house. It also works wonderfully as a cool mist humidifier. It's whisper quiet and has an auto-shut off so when the water is out, it will simply turn off. This is great for someone like me who often forgets to turn things off. Another awesome feature is the LED night lamp. My kids especially love this as they get to choose the light color each night. It has several different colors and is the perfect amount of light to be used as a night light. I also love how easy the SoundSOUL Essential Oil Diffuser is to clean. Simply wash with a little soapy water and dry. SoundSOUL Essential Oil Diffuser is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it!

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FarmHouse Fresh Plum Chiffon All Purpose Shea Butter Balm Review - #VALENTINESDAYGG

Life- Under a Canopy of Magic Trees At FarmHouse Fresh, we dream, develop and hand assemble exquisite gifts that bring delight with every use. Whimsical. Nostalgic. Gift-able to even your finickiest friends.

Each product is made with up to 99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything we make is Paraben & Sulfate FREE and our fragrances are all natural or phthalate free. Many of our products are also Vegan and Gluten Free. Click here to read more. We LOVE crafting complex and scrumptious fragrances, but we also offer a range of products made with only essential oils if that is your preference!

Our headquarters' team resides in Texas, but we live in the world of What If. It is a very silly place because sometimes our What Ifs lead us to Why Nots and then we wonder, really, Why NOT?
Why not mush-up vitamin rich, live strawberry fruit cells with whipped sweet cream shea butter? The result is Strawberry Smash - a 2-part Moisturizer sold with a mixing stick that makes lotioning-up as enjoyable as morning coffee. It also leaves skin dewy-soft, and can calm a mean sunburn in just a few seconds.

From charming jelly jar toppers, to delicate glass pour-spout cruets, each product is lovingly crafted and packaged for that special someone who will enjoy it!

In 2009, we won the Dallas Beauty Award presented by D Magazine in Dallas. You can read the full article here: DBeauty-FarmHouse Fresh Since then our products continue to win consumer awards including Redbook's Most Valuable Beauty Product, Daily Candy's Best of Beauty, Oprah's O-List, Elle Canada Hot List, and more.

Over the last 3 years (2012, '13 & '14), we have been voted by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the Top 5 Favorite Bodycare Lines in the US, as published in American Spa Magazine. And this year we have been voted Top 5 Favorite All Natural Lines. Additionally, our dear favorite Shea butter Whoopie! Cream was voted by spas, hotels and resorts as the Favorite Body Lotion, as published in LNE Magazine.

FarmHouse Fresh is a member of Organic Trade Association, Society of Cosmetic Chemists Southwest Chapter, and proud members of Go Texan, as FarmHouse Fresh products are made in Texas. FarmHouse Fresh/Summer Soles LLC is also a Certified Woman-Owned Business and holds two patents and over a dozen trademarks.


99% Natural - NOT Vegan (has beeswax) - Gluten Free

Prepare to melt! Pure Shea, cocoa and mango butters have been combined into a rich, solid, scrumptious all purpose balm that melts into skin on contact, nourishing dry, chapped hands, knees, knuckles - even lips! 

Plum Chiffon is softly scented with an all natural sugared plum rose scent.

99% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh Products, Plum Chiffon All Purpose Balm is Paraben & Sulfate free.

My Review:
Farmhouse Fresh's Plum Chiffon All Purpose Shea Butter Balm heals dry winter skin instantly! I love that Farmhouse Fresh's Plum Chiffon All Purpose Shea Butter Balm is 99% natural and works like a dream. It's also paraben and sulfate free making it safe for everyday use. It melts into your skin providing instant relief from dry itchy skin. It can also be applied just about anywhere, even your lips. Plum Chiffon All Purpose Shea Butter Balm smells incredible and would make an absolutely fabulous gift for any woman this Valentines Day!

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YumEarth Organic Candy Review - #VALENTINESDAYGG

Sergio and I, two dads with young children, founded YumEarth out of our commitment to feed our families a diet rich in delicious honest foods. We love dreaming up mouth-watering treats that burst with yum, a combination of our award winning flavors and our dedication to the finest ingredients.  

Our world famous YumEarth gummies, fruit snacks, licorice, lollipops, and other treats are honestly crafted with our legendary flavors and are gluten-free so everyone can enjoy.

YumEarth. Honestly Crafted. Always irresistible.

Thank you from Rob and Sergio!

Made with Real Fruit Juice

No artificial colors

No artificial flavors

My Review:
YumEarth Organic Gummy Bears are incredibly delicious! I love that YumEarth Organic Gummy Bears are made with real fruit juice and contain no artificial colors or flavors. I also love that they're organic. They have wonderful flavor that really makes you wonder why other companies cram all that un-natural stuff in their products. I feel guilty feeding my kids candy that contain artificial colors and flavors so having healthy alternatives are great. YumEarth Organic Gummy Bears are perfect for the kids school Valentines Day parties or as a treat from mom and dad.

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Gourmet Nut Review - #VALENTINESDAYGG

Because it is a phrase not yet listed in the dictionary (or even Wikipedia!), we decided to conjure up a definition of our own. A Gourmet Nut is anyone who LOVES delicious gourmet food. Basically, it’s every one of you!

Starting out as group of foodies like yourself, the Gourmet Nut team got together weekly to exchange recipes, gossip about the latest restaurants and, of course, talk about their love of food. One topic that often came up was the lack of high quality, everyday gourmet snacks at affordable prices for the average person to enjoy. And so, the Gourmet Nut brand was born!

Since then, we have grown to provide high quality ingredients and products to the everyday consumer looking to bring a more gourmet side to their food. We created a line of sea salts from around the world, that are used by top chefs throughout the country as well as everyday moms and foodies who love to cook. We have also developed a line of gourmet spice rubs and spice blends, which can make the most "amateur" chef cook like a pro.

Our customers and fans are mostly new the culinary food world, which is why we explain each of our products on the label and point out how best to use it. We insure everything we make is top quality, easy to use, and comes at an affordable price.

So, if you are a Gourmet Nut like us, and are looking for quality, healthy, and delicious gourmet foods, snacks, and treats, then this is where you belong!

Summertime is the perfect season for hiking trails with vista views. Give your body the boost it needs to make it to the top with a trail mix that tastes like sunshine. 

Cranberries, strawberries, blueberries and mango give you a blast of energy, as protein from cashews, peanuts and almonds powers you up.

An assortment of 4 of our Power Up mixes: 

3 Almond Cranberry Crunch

3 Body Boosting Antioxidant Mix

3 Mega Omega Trail Mix

3 Protein Packed Trail Mix

My Review:
The Gourmet Nut POWER UP trail mixes are fantastic! As someone who loves trail mix, I've tried many and I have to say Gourmet Nut trail mixes taste extremely fresh and have wonderful flavor. It's like Gourmet Nut found the perfect amount of nuts and fruit because each bite is perfectly balanced. I love that the Gourmet Nut trail mixes are all natural, Gluten Free and Vegan! I also love that they have so many varieties to choose from. 

Gourmet Nut is the perfect Valentines Day gift for anyone who loves a good trail mix! 

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Fit Snack January Monthly Box Review

What's in a Fit Snack box?

Each Fit Snack box is packed with the most delicious and healthiest products on the market. We strive to include a diverse experience of full and sample size items that are as good as they are good for you.

Every box is different - half the fun is getting the mystery box of goodies delivered to your door each month.

What's in Fit Snack's January Monthly Box:

Good Day Chocolates Energy

We make chocolate with benefits. Get your dose of Energy, Sleep, or Calming nutrients in delicious candy coated chocolate treats.

Fruit Bliss Apricot Minis

Deliciously juicy, while organic fruit, sun-sweetened and infused with water. Dried fruit reinvented! NonGMO, Gluten Free, Kosher, Organic and Vegan.

Clif Bar Hot Chocolate

Wholesome, organic ingredients. Performance nutrition and great taste. Whether you're on a 150-mile bike ride or exploring a new trail, this energy bar is built to sustain your adventure. 

Nutriblade Beverage

Nutriblade is a Superfood Superstar! They've cracked the code by making wheatgrass taste great! Organic, non-GMO, & Gluten Free!

Morning Sunshine Cookie

Looking for a cookie you can eat guilt free? Morning Sunshine Cookie is a high protein, high fiber way to get your cookie fix without the empty calories. Clean ingredients, nutritionally superior and full functional cookies let you say "yes" to cookie anytime!

Miracle Tree Tea

Miracle Tree is an award-winning superfood brand which focuses on sourcing quality herbal teas with a focus on nutritiinal ingredients.

Veggie Go's

Veggie-Go's are the easiest way to love you veggies on the go!

Genesis Today Drink Mix

Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia Drink Mixes featuring 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% (HCA) for weight management support. A blend of 75 Superfoods plus probiotics and enzymes to support healthy digestion and daily nutrition.

Bonus Item
Green Guru Energizer

The best 100% natural #vegan #energy supplement to take before a #workout or when you need that extra boost without the jitters.

My Review:
Fit Snack January Monthly Box is awesome! It's packed full of so many wonderful products. I'm in love with each and every one of them! Fit Snack has introduced me to so many healthy treats over the last few months and has taught me that there's so many healthy alternatives that actually taste delicious. If you're looking for a way to be healthier in 2016, Fit Snack is it. By introducing you to new brands that produce healthy products you can fall in love with healthy snacking in the new year and become a whole new healthier you!

To find out more about Fit Snack and sign up for your own box click the link below:

50% discount off of first month's box through Jan 31st 2016!

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