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Enter the Crayola Thank A Teacher Contest for a Chance to Win Grand Prizes for Your Family, Teacher and School! #CrayolaThanks

Whether it's providing tools to put a purple octopus on the moon, or enabling teachers to bring arts-infused learning into the classroom, Crayola is passionate about helping parents and educators raise creatively alive children who we believe will grow to be inspired, original adults.

 Our company has inspired artistic creativity in children for more than 100 years - since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line in 1903. The company began when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over Edwin's father's pigment business in 1885. Early products included red oxide pigment used as barn paint and carbon black used in car tires.

After noticing a need for safe, high quality, affordable wax crayons, in 1903, Crayola produced the first box of eight crayons and sold them for 5 cents.

Since then, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities, and creative toys that give kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, and dream.

In 1984, Crayola became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards and has since played a significant role in Hallmark’s personal development strategies.

The company carried the name of its founders, Binney & Smith, until 2007 when we changed our name to Crayola to reflect our No. 1 brand.

Crayola has called Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, its home since the turn of the century. Today, the company's world headquarters and major manufacturing facilities are located there. Downtown Easton is the home of The Crayola EXPERIENCE®, our interactive brand experience where families can enjoy a day of creative fun and see how we make our iconic Crayola crayons and markers.

Crayola Thank A Teacher

Ten grand prize packs will be awarded, inclusive of:

$10,000 classroom makeover for the teacher

One year supply of Crayola products for the school

$1,000 scholarship for the student

$1,000 gift card for both the teacher and school

Free CreatEd seminar for the school

In addition to the grand prizes, one lucky entrant will have his or her thank you note featured on a special pack of Crayola crayons this holiday. In addition, a weekly sweepstakes will run concurrently with the contest, offering entrants a chance to win $500 gift cards for themselves and their teachers.  The contest and sweepstakes will run through August 25, 2018.

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Get Your Summer Glow on with these Two Amazing DERMA E Products! #DERMAEsocial #DERMAE


DERMA E didn’t start out in the beauty aisle or the board room.

Instead, we started out in a local health food store in Southern California. Our first product was a jar of 12,000 I.U. Vitamin E Moisturizing Crème. People were amazed at the results it had on their skin, and word caught on.

Over the years, we’ve introduced many extraordinary products, each one rooted in our belief that skin health can be visibly improved through the right combination of potent vitamins, wholesome nutrients and good, clean hydration.

Today, we’ve grown to become one of the largest natural facial care brands in the US. We attribute our success to honoring our customers with products that promote healthier looking skin and business ethics that promote a healthier world.

This refreshing Vitamin C cleansing water dissolves long-lasting makeup and impurities, while improving the appearance of skin’s texture and promoting healthy collagen. Micellar technology gently lifts off dirt without rinsing, while maintaining skin’s proper balance. Anti-aging Probiotics and antioxidant-rich Rooibos help skin to appear brighter and replenished.

We use a stable form of Vitamin C that won’t evaporate or alter before absorbing into your skin, to work better for you, naturally.

Reveal dramatically fresher, newer skin overnight with this skin-brightening blend of glycolic sugar cane and fruit acids. Our skin-renewing formula contains 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) for safe, effective removal of dead surface skin cells. With every use, skin tone becomes more radiant, pigmentation is evened and age spots are visibly diminished. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, GMO-free.

My Review:
Get your summer glow on with these two Amazing DERMA E Products! Over the summer my skin takes a beating which is why I'm always on the hunt for great products to help my skin look it's best. I had the pleasure of trying the two products above and I'm super impressed! 

DERMA E's Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water gently cleanses your skin of all traces of makeup and dirt all without having to rinse it off. DERMA E's Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water also makes a great summertime cleanser because it's perfect for camping trips since it's so easy to use. It improves the appearance of skin’s texture and promotes healthy collagen leaving your skin looking healthier than ever. 

DERMA E's Overnight Peel is my new favorite DERMA E product! Simply apply it before bed and wake up to a healthy glow you'll absolutely love. My skin looks incredibly radiant every morning after I use this product and I love how quickly you see improvement. My pigment is more even and even my sun spots have begun to lighten. 

DERMA E's Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water and Overnight Peel is the perfect way to get your glow on this summer!

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Decorate Your Outdoor Space this Summer with Feit Electric's 48' LED Filament String Light Set! Available at Costco Now!

Who We Are

We are a leader in first to market lighting innovations and driven to deliver the latest breakthrough in interior and exterior illumination.

To Us Lighting Is Everything

To us, lighting is everything. The right light can turn a house into a home, make an unsafe area feel more secure, and navigating your way back to bed a lot easier.

We challenge the status quo and leverage our years of experience to provide the ultimate in product quality and satisfaction.

This Feit Electric string lights saves energy and the environment. It is UL wet location approved and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set consists of a 48ft white cord, 24 sockets spaced 2ft apart and 24 LED filament shatter resistant bulbs (2 extra). Sockets are designed to create a waterproof seal around bulb bases. Use a set individually or connect up to 45 sets. Sockets hang approximately 4 inches from the cord and are also compatible with incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs. These are ideal for patios, porches, walkways, restaurants and anywhere decorative and accent light is desired.


Indoor or Outdoor Use  

Suitable for wet locations

Includes 24 screw base LED bulbs plus 2 spares

Decorative filament LED bulbs 2200K

Shatter resistant bulbs

Heavy-Duty 16/3 Cord

24 Sockets 2ft apart

Connect up to 45 sets 2160ft

Energy saving 1 watt LED bulbs


Actual Wattage: 1W Bulb / 24W  

Input line voltage: 120

Color: 2200K

Life Hours: 15,000

Cord Type: 16/3 SJTW

Length: 48 ft. (14.6M)

Bulb Spacing: 2 ft. (0.6M)

Packaging: 1 Box

Sockets per string light: 24

Socket Size: E26

Bulb Type Included: S14/822/PC/24


My Review:
Decorate your outdoor space this summer with Feit Electric's 48' LED Filament String Light Set! Summer is the perfect time of year to get outdoors with friends and family which is why I'm all about decorating my outdoor space to make it more enjoyable for all. I'm head over heels in love with Feit Electric's 48' LED Filament String Lights because they create the perfect ambiance for a fun summer evening. Whether I'm hanging out with friends and family, or just enjoying a few sips of lemonade under my Feit Electric Filament String Lights I feel like I'm on a relaxing vacation or a small cafe in Paris. Feit Electric's 48' LED Filament String Light Set is the perfect way to decorate your outdoor space this summer and beyond!

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Item may be available in your local warehouse for a lower, non-delivered price!

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Refresh the Rooms You Love the Most this Summer with Ellia & HoMedics!


A change is in the air. And that change is Ellia. Born by the wellness experts at HoMedics, Ellia is a line full of premium diffusers and 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Use them together to reduce your stress. Boost your mental clarity. And soothe your body and mind.

To experience their effects aromatically, choose one of our beautiful, eco-inspired diffusers. Whatever your décor may be, there’s a diffuser that can effortlessly complement it. Each and every one is thoughtfully designed to add style to any room, in any home.

Next, find your favorite essential oil. From citrus to mint to floral, choose from our single notes and signature blends. Let them inspire different states of being — whether they’re helping you unwind or helping you stay focused. Simply add five to seven drops of essential oil to your diffuser, then fill the room with pure, natural scent.

The Ellia Enliven Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser will exhilarate your senses in any room. This modern, understated diffuser can alternate between its 2 chambers, or use them simultaneously, for up to 12 hours of continuous or 24 hours of intermittent runtime. The soothing humidity alleviates dry air, and the color-changing light and uplifting sounds ease you into relaxation, made even easier by a convenient remote control.


Introduce yourself to Ellia, or give a thoughtful gift. This 3-pack features our invigorating peppermint essential oil and two of our signature blends: Fight It™ and Open Up. All three are expertly blended to inspire deep breathing, but that’s not all. Use peppermint whenever you need a pick-me-up. Let Fight It™ become your favorite in the fall and winter, as it’s great for seasonal support. And when you want to experience a warming, invigorating aroma, add five to seven drops of Open Up into your diffuser.

My  Review:
Ellia Enliven Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is the perfect diffuser for any room in the house. I specifically love it for the living room. It goes perfectly with my living room decor and I love that I can turn it on to freshen one of my favorite and most used rooms of the house. 

I'm a mom of 4 and one of my favorite things to do with my kiddos is some afternoon yoga. With the Ellia Enliven Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser I can turn on some soothing sounds for us, turn down the lights and let the Ellia Enliven Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser's color-changing light gently light the room. It creates a great setting for some afternoon yoga and makes the perfect way to help my kiddos have some calm time. 

Ellia's BREATHE DEEP: ESSENTIAL OIL 3-PACK also makes a great started pack of oils to get you started on your essential oil journey. This 3 pack from Ellia is one of my favorite and really helps one to enjoy using essential oils. All three of these oils smell amazing and do a terrific job to help you feel your best!

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Welcome to HoMedics where our brand is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. Originally founded in 1987 by entrepreneurs Ron Ferber and Alon Kaufman, HoMedics is widely recognized for its home massage products, and continues to be a leading innovator in massage technology today. But massage is not all we do! HoMedics has a full line of in-home wellness products that are uniquely designed to promote your well being; including: Air Filters, humidifiers, sleep aids, fitness monitors, and more.

Over the last 25 years, HoMedics has grown into a world leader in personal wellness; manufacturing some of the world’s best known, most innovative brands in personal health, wellness, and electronics in more than 60 countries.

Model: BRT-210

Between your pets and last night's dinner, your home can be full of lingering smells that don't always blend nicely. Our brēthe® Air Revitalizer uses water and 100% natural citrus air revitalizers to wash air of its odors — even cigarette smoke. brēthe's blue LED lights cast a pleasant glow while it goes to work, covering up to 500 square feet. It's environmentally safe, making it preferable to sprays and other cleaning chemicals. Includes three 30 mL bottles of Lemon, Lime, and Orange air revitalizers.

My  Review:
HoMedics brēthe® Air Revitalizer is a dream come true for the kitchen! I love to cook and with that love often comes some strong kitchen smells such as garlic, onion and many more. With HoMedics brēthe® Air Revitalizer you can instantly cleanse the air in your kitchen leaving nothing behind but a clean fresh scent. The HoMedics brēthe® Air Revitalizer covers up to 500 square feet and will leave your kitchen smelling like a dream come true. HoMedics brēthe® Air Revitalizer comes with three 30 mL bottles of Lemon, Lime, and Orange air revitalizers to get you started on your air revitalizing journey. Thanks to HoMedics brēthe® Air Revitalizer, kitchen odors in my home are a thing of the past! 

Click HERE to purchase!

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