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4 Must Have Drunk Elephant Products for Beautiful Skin! #DRUNKELEPHANT

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned below for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. The opinions I have expressed are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links.

Compatible, clean, clinically effective skincare.

DE only uses clean, non-toxic ingredients that either directly benefit the skin's health, or support the integrity and effectiveness of our formulations. We never take into account an ingredient's synthetic or natural status, but instead choose based on its safety and bio-compatibility. You won't find silicones, chemical screens, sensitizing colorants, perfumes or fragrant essential oils of any kind in our products, making them appropriate for every skin type. This is our commitment to you.

This mega-strength serum combines skin-fortifying signal peptides, growth factors, and amino acids with lactic acid for a dramatic improvement in the appearance of skin’s texture, tone, radiance, and bounce.

With its ultra-concentrated blend of 11 peptides, Protini™ Powerpeptide Resurf Serum delivers plump, bouncy skin while targeting a dull, uneven complexion. The appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and enlarged pores is improved and glow is restored, while powerful water-boosting ingredients (such as snow mushroom extract, sodium hyaluronate, and sodium PCA) replenish hydration levels. Antioxidant-rich, nonfragrant plant oils and vitamins (tocotrienols, squalane, green tea seed oil, and marula oil) soothe while adding a touch of lightweight moisture to skin.

a concentrated liquid that delivers a rosy wash of color to the skin in a few drops while supporting the skin barrier with omega fatty acids.

O-Bloos™ (the O stands for omegas) gives skin that flattering “nobody knows why you’re flushed” flush. The foolproof, watercolor-light formula is buildable and flatters most skin, and it’s delivered in concentrated drops that can be mixed into your other Drunk Elephant products.

gently sweeps away dead skin cells and buffs dry spots as it delivers moisture—all without disrupting your skin barrier or sensitizing.

A softening blend of moisturizing plant oils nourishes skin, while roasted and powdered coffee bean and brown sugar crystals exfoliate. Formulated with a blend of skin-nourishing almond milk and moisturizing, antioxidant-rich coffee seed, passionfruit, and marula oils, Sugared Koffie™ Almond Milk Body Scrub rinses easily while keeping everything below the neck soft, flake-free, and balanced.

This supercharged 10% AHA formula exfoliates, resurfaces, and replenishes dull, dry skin from the neck down.

With our dream-team blend of glycolic, tartaric, lactic, and citric alpha hydroxy acids, T.L.C. Glycolic Body Lotion gently smooths and refines rough, bumpy skin while improving areas of uneven tone. A mix of antioxidant-loaded nonfragrant plant oils and butters—think green tea seed, passionfruit, apricot, marula, and shea—soothes and goes deep to moisturize dry, irritable skin, while squalane, vitamin F, sodium hyaluronate, and niacinamide work to create a stronger, healthier acid mantle. Powerful electrolytes (coconut fruit juice and sodium PCA) provide critical hydration and help defend against environmental stressors.


Drunk Elephant is the clean, non-toxic skincare that you need to discover! Drunk Elephant is one of my all time favorite skincare brands because not only do their products work wonders for my skin, but they're always coming out with new skincare products to love. I had the pleasure of checking out the products above and I'm head over heels in love! These are definitely four products that you'll want to add to your skincare routine!

Drunk Elephant's Protini™ Powerpeptide Resurf Serum is my new favorite serum! Its an amazing serum that combines skin-fortifying signal peptides, growth factors, and amino acids with lactic acid for a dramatic improvement in the appearance of skin. With each and every use I find my skin’s texture and tone is improved. I also love how soft and plump it makes my skin. It's a must have in my skincare routine for radiant skin! 

O-Bloos™  from Drunk Elephant is the perfect way to get a healthy pop of color! It's a concentrated liquid that delivers a rosy pop of color to the skin in just a few drops. I also love that it supports the skin's barrier with omega fatty acids so skin is hydrated and happy. It's a buildable formula that can even be added into your other products for the perfect skin flattering, flushed look. 

Sugared Koffie™ Almond Milk Body Scrub  from Drunk Elephant is a fab body scrub! It works wonders to gently sweep away dead skin cells to reveal glowing, healthy skin. This time of year is when I tend to get lots of dry spots so this body scrub is definitely coming in handy. It's buffing away my dry spots while delivering moisture, all without disrupting my skin's barrier so skin looks it's absolute best no matter what mother nature throws at it. 

Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Glycolic Body Lotion is a must have body lotion for hydrated, youthful skin! It contains a 10% AHA formula that works to exfoliate, resurface, and replenishe dull, dry skin from the neck down. It seriouslt works wonders to gently smooth and refine rough, bumpy skin while improving areas of uneven tone. It deeply hydrates my skin and works to keep it that way by enhancing skins barrier and improving cell turnover. It's definitely a must have!

These four products from Drunk Elephant are definitely must haves for beautiful skin!

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