Monday, May 4, 2015

Quest Nutrition Review

Companies only have a chance at true greatness when they are driven by a mission. Our mission is to revolutionize food and make healthy eating fun.

Quest Bars were created from a simple idea: healthy food should taste amazing with zero compromises. We set out to deliver something that no one had done before and believed that with enough hard work and innovation food could be delicious and good for you. People eat for enjoyment rather than sustenance. That’s why Quest is driven to engineer foods that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition.

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vanilla Milkshake Packet

Peanut Butter Packet

My Review:
I tried the Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar, as well as the Vanilla Milkshake and Peanut Butter Protein Powders. The bars were the best tasting protein bars I've ever tasted. Now I know what all the talk I've heard is about. The bars tasted great while not being filled full of junk like other protein bars. They were also relatively low in calories and didn't taste overly sweet. The protein powder is high quality and I believe you can taste this within the first few sips. I love that they are pretty low in calories, but still contain a lot of protein. I noticed my muscles were less sore than usual after my workouts and truly credit this to Quest Nutrition's protein formulas.

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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