Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stay on Top of Your Home's Security with EZVIZ's Mini 360 Plus Full-Room Coverage Smart Home Ready HD Video Camera!

At EZVIZ, we are about creating ways that connect you visually to your life. No matter where you are, EZVIZ cloud services and smart home video technology can help you feel like you’re home—right from the palm of your hand.

Full-Room Coverage. Easy Setup.

360° HD Video
1080p Resolution
Two-Way Talk
Smart Home Ready

Clearer, Sharper Video
All glass lenses. High-quality sensors. Amazing image quality. The Mini 360 Plus
delivers clear high-definition 1080p video, rich colors, and sharp details.

See the Whole Room
The beauty of this incredible HD pan and tilt camera is that you can place it where
you want and still see the whole room. All you have to do is take out your phone
and press a button for a better view

Privacy Mask
Sometimes you want a little alone time. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 
With just a tap, the lens rolls up for complete privacy.

Pan and Tilt
The Mini 360 Plus already covers quite a bit of any room. It has a 92° viewing angle,
after all. But with pan and tilt, you can see everything in the room.
Just pull out your phone and use the EZVIZ app.

Night Vision
What good is a camera that only works during the day? The Mini 360 Plus delivers and incredible
night vision range of up to 33 feet when it’s dark—large enough to cover just about any room.

Two-Way Talk
For those times when you’re away from home and the dog is digging through the trash, there’s two way talk. Just press the button on the EZVIZ app and let the camera’s built-in speaker and mic help you do the rest.

Easy Setup/Free App

Download the EZVIZ app and see what
happens from your phone

Power Up & Connect

View from Anywhere!

Open the app and view what’s going 
on right from your phone,
wherever you are.

My Review:
With EZVIZ's Mini 360 Plus Full-Room Coverage Smart Home Ready HD Video Camera you can stay on top of your home's security! Currently my family and I are renting a home until our new build is ready which is getting incredibly close. So close that it's now become time to allow the landlord to show the our rental home to new potential renters. Since everything I own is also located in the rental house I was a bit concerned about what would take place during these showings with complete strangers. 

I set up the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus Full-Room Coverage Smart Home Ready HD Video Camera in a few minutes and was completely blow away with how quickly I was able to do so since I'm not really the most tech savvy person around. One feature I love about the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus is that I can take out my phone and press a button to pan around the room for a better view. Another terrific thing about the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus is that is also has night vision so even when the lights are off I can still see what happening in the room. I also love the Two-Way Talk feature as does my husband who likes to use this feature while he's away to talk to the kiddos. I'm also in love with how crystal clear the video is and how well the app works.

We've had a few house showings now and I've been able to check in with the app and feel totally secure even while away thanks to the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus. 

The EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus Full-Room Coverage Smart Home Ready HD Video Camera is completely amazing and I highly recommend it!

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