Thursday, April 23, 2015

Authentic Italian Pasta Chips Review

I had the pleasure of trying all these flavors and let me tell you they were all wonderful and full of flavor! I'm very excited about the texture. I love that they are thin and crunchy and baked just right. My favorite would have to be the sea salt and the garlic olive oil but that's because they are perfect for dipping in my cheese dip. I also liked the other flavors for nights when I was craving a little more flavor. The spicy tomato and herb are packed with flavor and I love that little bit of spiciness they have. The marinara and Alfredo are very yummy and as someone who enjoys playing with my food, I loved eating them together. The Italian flavors are wonderful and I think these are a great snack!


The creamy, buttery flavors of alfredo sauce blend so nicely when parmigiano-reggiano is sprinkled in, making a decadent flavor to pair with the crunchiness of Pasta Chips.


Puglia is located at the heel of the “boot” and this is where the largest salt flat in Europe is located. Simply seasoning with sea salt makes it easy for you to pair with your favorite dip!


Garlic and olive oil are the ultimate romantic duo; letting garlic simmer in olive oil creates a delicious aroma that wafts throughout the kitchen. Go ahead, open the bag and let the memories flow.


Marinara sauce brings the classic flavors of Italy into one reminiscent taste. Everyone has a secret family marinara recipe that was passed down in the family, and we've included ours on these chips!


Being located at the tip of the “boot”, it’s no wonder Calabria decided to add a little “kick” to the classic marinara flavor. Spice up your day with some arrabiata inspired chips!

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