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Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day with Gifts From Harney & Sons! #MOTHERSDAY

Our Story Through the Tea Leaves

34 years ago in Salisbury, Connecticut, proprietor of the historic White Hart Inn, John Harney, developed a passion for fine teas. John was introduced to the world of tea by Stanley Mason, who turned to creating his craft tea blends after years in the corporate world of tea in London & New York. Over time, Mason taught John both the art and business of the craft.

Starting production out of his basement in 1983, John began his journey in mastering the art of tea blending. Serving his distinctive blends with inn guests, he soon found they were coming back for more. Never did John Harney imagine that his small home-run business in Salisbury, Connecticut would turn into a global operation, now headquartered in Millerton, New York filling 90,000 square feet of warehouse space and a new bottling plant in Hudson, New York, and employing over 200 people. The company, which sources, blends, and packages their product from start to finish, has grown from their original six teas, to more than three hundred. John brought in his two sons: Mike & Paul. Their story truly captures the essence of American Business Ingenuity.

Harney & Sons builds on a commitment to deliver customers the finest quality tea possible. This promise, made over 30 years ago, serves as the company's guiding principle. John's sons carry on the tradition. Today, Harney & Sons Tea remains family owned and managed, with three generations of Harneys preserving John's tradition of fine tea and traveling the world in search of the best ingredients.

It is not only the Harney mission to deliver quality tea products to their customers, but also to educate the world of tea history and taste. Whether through their dedicated customer service team, their published guides to tea drinking, or their two tea tasting shops, the Harney & Sons team works to pass on their passion for tea to a broad audience.  Harney & Sons remains committed to delivering their customers a superior tea drinking experience.

 Wishing you a lovely teatime with your Mom this year! Sip a cup or two of tea from our elegant logo teacups. Mother's Bouquet is an herbal blend of flowers & citrus. Cherry Blossom is a blend of green teas with a flavor of plump, fragrant cherries. Sweeten your tea with Demerara sugar cubes and enjoy some delicious Lemon Sugar and Almond Toffee cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery.


Mother's Bouquet Tea Tin (20 sachets)
Cherry Blossom Tea Tin (20 sachets)
Harney & Sons Log Cups (2)
Gilway Demerara Sugar Cubes (1 lb)
Lemon Sugar Cookies (4 oz)
Almond Toffee Cookies (4 oz)

Discover and enjoy our best selling teas or introduce them to a friend. There are four tins per set, each with 4 ounces of loose tea. Each tea in this set contains caffeine. Teas included are:

Paris (fruity black tea)
Earl Grey Supreme (traditional flavored black tea)
English Breakfast (a black tea standard)
Hot Cinnamon Spice (our spicy best selling tea)

Assam tea, freshly ground cardamom, vanilla and spices are combined to create a warm, zesty beverage. Bag of 50 sachets. Each tea sachet brews a 10 to 12 oz cup.

My Review:
Celebrate mom this Mother's Day with gifts from Harney & Sons! I don't know about you but I don't know a single mother who doesn't enjoy a good cup of tea. In fact it's one of my favorite ways to relax. Whether in the bath tub, sitting outside while the kiddos play or sipping it quietly in the morning before everyone wakes it probably the number one way I relax. 

Harney & Sons Tea with Mom Gift Set is an amazing gift! It comes with everything you need to enjoy a nice cup of tea with mom. It also comes with some amazingly delicious Lemon Sugar Cookies and Almond Toffee Cookies that pair perfectly with a sweet cup of tea. The tea cups are beautiful and are sure to be loved for years to come. Harney & Sons Tea with Mom Gift Set would make a wonderful gift for anyone to gift their mom for Mother's Day and I highly recommend it!

Harney & Sons Best Sellers would also make a great gift for anyone who loves loose leaf teas! I've had a chance to try all the teas in this set and absolutely love them. The flavor is incredibly delicious and I love how fresh and wonderful each sip is. Harney & Sons Best Sellers set comes with Paris (fruity black tea), Earl Grey Supreme (traditional flavored black tea), English Breakfast (a black tea standard) and Hot Cinnamon Spice. It's the perfect way to impress Mom this Mother's Day!

Harney & Sons Chai, Bag of 50 Sachets is perfect for anyone who loves Chai tea! I'm a huge fan of Chai tea so I can honestly say I've tried many different brands and varieties and I have to say Harney & Sons Chai tea is definitely one of my all time favorites! The flavor is quite wonderful! Harney & Sons Chai, Bag of 50 Sachets would be a wonderful gift this Mother's Day for moms who love Chai tea!

This Mother's Day, set the bar high with a gift from Harney & Sons that's sure to please Mom!

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