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Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed™ with DuoClean™ Technology is the Vacuum that Has it All! + 10 Items Around the House to Vacuum for the Ultimate Clean Home!

Shark® is one of several house-care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people.

By providing highly functional, innovative products, SharkNinja has rapidly carved out a significant market share in the housewares industry, becoming one of the leading companies in this sector. From cutting-edge, chemical-free steam mops to state-of-the-art blender systems, SharkNinja products positively impact peoples’ lives in homes around the world.

SharkNinja’s roots date back more than a century, originating in Europe, then moving to Canada, and finally settling in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

Mark Rosen, CEO of SharkNinja, is the third generation of his family to lead the company and is passionate about developing inventive, effective products that are also a good value. Mark is familiar to many from his frequent appearances on television demonstrating firsthand the quality and efficiency of SharkNinja products.

SharkNinja prides itself on innovation, ease of use, and competitive pricing. The company’s products are widely distributed through major big-box retailers and specialty stores, as well as through its websites.

Delivers outstanding suction power with dynamic swivel steering.

Powered Lift-Away®
Extends the reach of the motorized
cleaner head.
See it in action  

Allows you to reach ceilings, stairs, baseboards, and more.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology®
Captures and traps 99.99%** of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

Fingertip controls
Easy-to-use fingertip controls allow you to transition
seamlessly between floor types.

LED lights
Lights on the vacuum nozzle illuminate your work area, making it easy to spot hidden debris.

Advanced swivel steering
Maneuver in between, around, and under furniture more easily.

My Review:
The Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed™ with DuoClean™ Technology vacuum is an absolutely amazing vacuum! I love how light and easy it is to maneuver under and around furniture. I also really love how strong the suction power is! I had just finished vacuuming when I received the  Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology and since I was excited to use it I re-vacuumed my living room and was blown away at how much was in the dirt bin. After seeing the results of just one room I moved onto the rest of the house and the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology continued to blow me away with terrific cleaning results. As a mom with little ones at home I also really like that it cleans bare floors as well, since those have to be cleaned multiple times a day. It also picks up cheerios with ease! The Powered Lift-Away® is also an awesome feature because it allows me to carry the canister with me to clean up high, down low and is especially handy when vacuuming out the minivan. 

The Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed™ with DuoClean™ Technology has it all and is the perfect vacuum to get the job done!

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10 Items to Clean with Your Vacuum  for the 
Ultimate Clean Home!

1. Pillows
Vacuum your couch/chair pillows to remove dust, dust mites and pet hair.

2. Couches and Upholstered chairs
 Vacuum under couch cushions, cushions themselves, backs and sides of couches (even if they're up against the wall, you'd be surprised at how much can accumulate), vacuum upholstered chairs to remove pet hair, dust and dust mites.

3. Vacuum Baseboards
Remove furniture and vacuum all baseboards. Baseboards behind furniture can accumulate large amounts of dust, dust mites and hair.

4. Vacuum Ceiling Corners
I always find spiders love corners and tend to have webs in corners and around the tops of the walls. Removing these from around ceiling will remove old spider webs and prevent new ones.

5. Mattresses
Mattresses and box springs accumulate dead skin, hair, dust and dust mites. Vacuuming regularly to reduce allergens and keep your mattress clean can prolong the life of your mattress. 

6. Refrigerator Coils
Vacuuming refrigerator coils on your refrigerator will reduce energy costs and make your appliance work more efficiently.

7. Air Vents
Vacuum air vents to remove dust and debris that get trapped around air vents in your home.

8. Interior Doors
Most doors aren't flat and dust can get trapped on them. Vacuuming them can remove dust and prevent buildup.

9. Blinds
Vacuuming blinds once a year is a must to remove dust, dirt and debris. 

10. Window Sills
Window Sills are prime real estate for dust, dust mites, dead bugs and various other unpleasantness. Vacuum at least once a year to remove them. (I recommend more often.)

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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