Monday, May 1, 2017

The Ultimate Wild Kratts Birthday Party! #WILDKRATTS

Wild Kratts is a favorite in our house and has been for some time now! So, when my 9 year old asked for a Wild Kratt's birthday party I excitedly agreed as did the rest of the house. You see, as a homeschooling mom of 4 I absolutely love Wild Kratts because the shows are very educational and keep all of my kids attention. From my 9 year old to my almost 2 year old they all love to sit down and watch Wild Kratts. 

One thing my daughter asked for at her party was a tree. I decided I make one and turn it into the center piece. I found a large tall box and wrapped it in brown packing paper. This kind of paper crinkles a bit and reminds me of tree bark, so it was perfect. I also placed a large brick on the inside of the box to keep it from toppling over. I then found a few wrapping paper tubes that I also wrapped with packaging paper and attached as branches. Then, I found some twine and cut out about a hundred green leafs out of construction paper and attached them to the twine with tape. After that I wrapped them around the tree and branches. We blew up tons of green and blue balloons and since my daughter loves Aviva we also included some purple balloons. I think it turned out amazing!

My daughter asked to watch Wild Kratts so we also set up the TV and paused it on the Wild Kratts logo to go along with the decorations. Then when it came time for the show all I needed to do was press play. The kids loved it!

We also used this Wild Kratts Party Animals Birthday Banner to decorate with which my daughter loved!


We also added a few Wild Kratts snacks to the mix for guests to fill up on during the movie. The Wild Kratts Organic Scuba Snacks were loved by all the kids as well as the adults. The white cheddar flavor was oh so delicious! Wild Kratts Organic Creature Crackers were also a favorite and were amazingly cute! Then, for some refreshments we had Wild Kratts Organic juice boxes in variety of flavors.

Wild Kratts Organic Scuba Snacks, Wild Kratts Organic Creature Crackers and Wild Kratts Organic juice boxes are sold at Whole Foods locations nation wide. 

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And of course it's not a party without cake! We used this Wild Kratts PhotoCake® Image and added it onto a cake that my sister and I made the day before. It was extremely easy to apply and looked terrific!

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Then I used these Wild Kratts Crew Cupcake Rings and added them onto some store bought cupcakes and also onto the top of the cake for some added Wild Kratts power!

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Overall, our party was a huge success, and everyone was blown away at how wild our Wild Kratts party was! My daughter loves Wild Kratts more than ever now, as do some of her friends thanks to all the fun they had at our party!

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