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Let Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Get Your Skin Ready for the Holidays!

Osmotics Corporation was formed in 1993 to develop cutting edge new cosmeceutical treatments for skin and hair. From the beginning our company has been a cosmeceutical leader and pioneer launching many industry firsts in the market. Several of our technologies have proven to be so effective, they have become the genesis for pharmaceutical skin care treatments. Since the introduction of our first ground-breaking technology, the Vitamin C transdermal patch, our vision was to create a new paradigm in the industry - to introduce products that really work - products that provide real results. 

I felt it was time to focus on information and education--to give women (and men) an alternative to the commercial brands focusing mostly on marketing and hype. Osmotics has worked with leading university medical centers, world-renowned scientists and our own scientific advisory panel to incorporate the latest breakthroughs and most advanced thinking in this exciting new field. Our treatments are based on clinically validated technologies---and that’s what makes them so effective. This innovative, unprecedented strategy is the cornerstone of our philosophy … serious skin care for serious results.

In perfecting our artisanal, elegant formulations we use only the purest, highest quality ingredients. What is left out of our products is just as important as what goes in. We do not add potentially harmful ingredients (artificial colors, fragrances, coal tar dyes) solely for the purposes of visual appeal and product merchandising. 

Last but not least, industry jargon and misinformation can lead to over treatment and skin sensitization from using too many products. We have developed a simple 4 STEP System to give you healthy, beautiful skin in the shortest time possible.   

We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of excellence in products, information, and services and always welcome your comments.

Francine Porter
~Creator and Founder

Experience the most advanced copper peptide technology for promoting firmer, healthier, younger looking skin. Our award winning "editor's favorite" combines the benefits of our 5 chain penta-peptides to dramatically enhance absorption and effectiveness in the skin to fight the visible signs of aging. This silky, smooth cream increases firmness, elasticity and radiance for healthy, younger looking skin.

Increased firmness, elasticity and tone

Your skin looks healthier and acts younger - with a radiant luminous glow

Evens out skin tone - many women find they need less foundation/make-up

Calms redness and irritation associated with peels and dermal procedures

The eye area is the first to show visible signs of stress, fatigue, and hormonal aging. It requires special, daily care. This silky, soufflé textured cream visibly lifts and firms the delicate skin of the upper eye lid, while smoothing fine lines and crow's feet. A powerful combination of peptides and botanical extracts visibly reduce under eye bags and dark circles appear to fade. Consistent use keeps the eye area looking smooth, firm and line free.

Increased firmness, elasticity and tone.

Visibly lifts and tightens delicate skin in the lid area; smooths fine lines and crow's feet.

Reduces visible signs of fatigue and stress; dark circles and discoloration appear to fade.

Visibly reduces under eye bags.

This serious anti-aging serum features Renovage™, a science based ingredient that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and redness along with a powerful combination of cutting edge ingredients to promote visibly healthier more youthful looking skin. To insure maximum results we've also included a patented peptide blend to firm and smooth and Ergothioneine, a mega antioxidant to help prevent future damage. Use daily to visibly reduce fine lines, uneven skin tone, redness and pore size. This youth enhancing formula has everything you need to see visible results in 4 to 6 weeks.

Visibly reduces wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and pore size

Fights free radical damage/promotes healthier looking skin

Diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone

Improves overall texture, restores younger looking skin

The first total skin defense system that combines the newest and most powerful anti-radical/antioxidant protection with our proprietary combination of natural lipids to moisturize and strengthen your skin's protective moisture barrier. This revolutionary moisturizer is a daily must for defending your skin against environmental aging and the ravages of time. Age fighting antioxidants target all three types of destructive free radicals while natural epidermal lipids strengthen your skin’s protective moisture barrier. You'll see smoother, healthier looking, younger acting skin now and for years to come.

Eliminates dry skin for smoother, softer, more supple texture

Restores healthier looking younger-acting skin

Anti-Radical protection defends against visible signs of environmental aging

My Review:
Let Osmotics Cosmeceuticals get your skin ready for the holidays! The holidays are always such a fun time of year because I get to see friends and family that I haven't seen for awhile. I also love that I get to go shopping and dress up more than usual for fun holiday parties and events. One thing I always try to do around the holidays is really step up my skincare routine so that my skin looks it's best. One of the huge reasons for that is that the colder air really seems to do a number on my skin so finding a few new products to help my skin look it's best is a necessity. I've recently discovered four products from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals that I absolutely love!

Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals is an amazing product! Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair instantly hydrates my dry skin. It feels absolutely incredibly on my skin and I love the healthy vibrant glow my skin has after each use. I also love that I've already noticed my fine lines softening and my skin seems to be more plump and healthy.

Blue Copper 5 PRIME Eye is the eye product dreams are made of! As someone who suffers from genetically dark under eye circles along with puffy eyes I've long been on the hunt for eye products that work. Blue Copper 5 PRIME Eye instantly hydrates the eye area all while helping to eliminate dark under eye circle and puffy eyes. I absolutely love how well this product works to deliver all that it promises. As a mom of 4 who gets very little sleep it definitely helps to keep my tired mom eyes at bay. I love that it keeps me looking bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Renovage Longevity Serum is an amazing serum! It literally does it all! I love how quickly my pores have shrunk and how smooth and beautiful my skin looks thanks to this serum. My uneven skin tone looks more even than ever before and my skin looks bright and radiant. Renovage Longevity Serum is the perfect way to get your skin ready for all those holiday parties! 

Anti-Radical Age Defense Moisture Complex is the perfect way to moisturize and strengthen your skin's protective moisture barrier! As someone who suffers from dry skin, I can tell you that this is an amazing product. Not only does it instantly moisturize my skin but it does an amazing job to help my skin stay hydrated. After using this product for over a week, I can honestly say that my dry skin has never felt or looked better. This product truly does help to strengthen your skin's protective moisture barrier to make dry skin a thing of the past. Anti-Radical Age Defense Moisture Complex is such an amazing product for anyone who suffers from dry skin!

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals is the perfect way to step up your skincare routine this winter!

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