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Reveal a More Beautiful You with Osmotics Cosmeceuticals!

Osmotics Corporation was formed in 1993 to develop cutting edge new cosmeceutical treatments for skin and hair. From the beginning our company has been a cosmeceutical leader and pioneer launching many industry firsts in the market. Several of our technologies have proven to be so effective, they have become the genesis for pharmaceutical skin care treatments. Since the introduction of our first ground-breaking technology, the Vitamin C transdermal patch, our vision was to create a new paradigm in the industry - to introduce products that really work - products that provide real results. 

I felt it was time to focus on information and education--to give women (and men) an alternative to the commercial brands focusing mostly on marketing and hype. Osmotics has worked with leading university medical centers, world-renowned scientists and our own scientific advisory panel to incorporate the latest breakthroughs and most advanced thinking in this exciting new field. Our treatments are based on clinically validated technologies---and that’s what makes them so effective. This innovative, unprecedented strategy is the cornerstone of our philosophy … serious skin care for serious results.

In perfecting our artisanal, elegant formulations we use only the purest, highest quality ingredients. What is left out of our products is just as important as what goes in. We do not add potentially harmful ingredients (artificial colors, fragrances, coal tar dyes) solely for the purposes of visual appeal and product merchandising. 

Last but not least, industry jargon and misinformation can lead to over treatment and skin sensitization from using too many products. We have developed a simple 4 STEP System to give you healthy, beautiful skin in the shortest time possible.   

We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of excellence in products, information, and services and always welcome your comments.

Francine Porter
~Creator and Founder

Nécolleté targets signs of aging and sun damage on the thin, fragile skin of neck, chest and décolleté.

The neck and chest are often overlooked and can show signs of aging all too quickly. Now experience the latest breakthrough technology from Osmotics to target the visible signs of aging and sun damage on the thin, fragile skin of neck, chest and décolleté. This skin fortifying formula firms and tightens to restore tone and elasticity. Visibly improves crepe paper texture and creases around the neck. With continued use, you'll see a smoother, firmer, more youthful looking décolleté.

Helps firm and support neck contours while reinforcing fragile skin with hyaluronic acid booster

Strengthens skin texture with powerful peptide combination

Visibly smooths deep creases and wrinkles

Firms and tones for more youthful looking jawline

Target visible signs of aging for skin 40+.  Visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles; tightens, firms & tones the appearance of facial contours.

Our newest addition to the Blue Copper 5 line of powerful anti-agers targets visible signs of aging in skin 40 and over. After 40, the skin begins to look thinner and dryer with a more pronounced loss of elasticity and radiance; fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage become more visible.  This cutting edge, luxurious cream features our 3x strength copper peptide combined with 4 new, powerful technologies to give you healthier looking, ageless skin for the PRIME of your life. May be used AM and/or PM. 

Tightens, firms and imporves the appearance of facial contours.

Improves the look of thin, fragile skin to visibly reduce fine lines/wrinkles.

Keeps skin looking smooth, firm, healthy and radiant.

Targets visible signs of aging for skin 40+. Tripeptides visibly smooth lines/wrinkles. Provides protective, anti-pollution shield. Visibly tightens/refines texture.

This lightweight, velvety serum is a multi-tasking anti-aging primer featuring all the benefits of our powerful 3X Copper Peptide along with additional anti-aging ingredients for instant and long term visible results. Works instantly as an anti-aging primer for skincare and makeup and long term for flawless, younger looking skin. 

This super hydrating serum features an eco-designed, biopolymer film that acts as a protective natural barrier against harmful environmental aggressors such as pollution, allergens and irritants. This dense, meshwork-like-biopolymer also forms a protective, non-occlusive, second skin to prolong foundation while providing an instant wrinkle smoothing, anti-gravity effect (especially along the jaw line and facial contours). Botanical extracts supports the skin with a probiotic like action and help protect skin from Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP's), enzymes that can break down collagen. A natural polysaccharide refines skin for smoother, more even texture and luminous, glowing complexion.

Tripeptides visibly fill/smooth lines and wrinkles

Acts as a "second skin" to visibly lift, firm and tighten

Perfect anti-aging primer for radiant more luminous complexion

Provides a protective anti-pollution, anti-aging shield

Probiotic like action defends skin from MMP's (enzymes that break down collagen)

Visibly sculpts jawline with an anti-gravity firming effect

Promotes a smoother, more even texture and tone

3-in-1 anti-aging treatment visibly lifts and firms problem skin on the bust, belly and behind.

The ultimate 3-in-1 anti-aging, body treatment visibly improves texture and crepiness and is formulated to target problem areas on the bust, belly and behind. This formula combines our powerful copper peptide with 2 new biopeptides and plant extracts designed specifically for the body.  Our silky, luxurious cream improves skin texture and promotes skin elasticity to firm bust, belly and behind.  If you enjoyed the beauty benefits of our Blue Copper 5 facial products then we're sure you'll love this exquisite body perfector.

Firms problem skin on the bust, belly and behind for a visible firming effect

Treats aging body skin by improving tone, texture and overall skin appearance

Improves the look and texture of crepey skin

My Review:
Reveal a more beautiful you with Osmotics Cosmeceuticals! Osmotics Cosmeceuticals has quickly become one of my favorite brands because I love the results their products give me. They absolutely never disappoint and these latest products I had the pleasure of trying will blow you away!

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Nécolleté Age Reversal for Neck and Chest is an amazing product! This product targets signs of aging and sun damage on the thin, fragile skin of neck, chest and décolleté which just happens to be one of the first places to show aging. After using just once, my skin looked more healthy and I'm super excited to continue using as I've definitely started to see some aging on my neck, chest and décolleté area. 

Blue Copper 5 PRIME Face from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals target visible signs of aging and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while also tightening, firming and toning the appearance of facial contours. It's a great way to reveal a more beautiful you with minimal effort!

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Prime Perfecting Serum is my new fave! I absolutely love how velvety soft this serum makes my skin as well as how quickly it absorbs into my skin. I'm also loving the healthy glow it's been giving my skin all while softening my fine lines. It's a fabulous serum!

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Anti-Aging Body Lift lifts and firms problem skin on the bust, belly and behind. I think we can all agree a little lifting in those areas would be greatly appreciated. I've been using this product for a bit now and love the results I'm seeing. My skin seems much firmer, healthier and a bit lifted. I also love how soft and smooth it leaves the skin!

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