Friday, February 1, 2019

Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids from Just Play, Basic Fun & Pomsies! #VALENTINESDAY2019

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Life-like flying friends that kids can care for, just like a real pet!

Pet the hummingbird’s head or back to unlock over 40 realistic hummingbird
sounds – each tap activates a variety of movements and sounds, including
musical tweets!

Help them learn to fly by tapping their back twice – the Flutter Friend will open
her soft, shimmery wings as she is guided through the air!

Each bird comes with a flower feeder accessory – she can balance on the
flower’s branch and flap her wings as she eats!

Flutter Friends perch easily on kids’ fingers too, so kids can take them along
wherever they go.

They even interact with each other – just clap or snap, and each Flutter Friend
will flap their wings and tweet along with their friends!

Available in a variety of colors, so kids can collect and create their own Flutter world!

Pomsies react when you touch & pet them. Their eyes change color to show what they’re feeling.

Pomsies make purrrfect fashion accessories — Wrap their tails around your wrist or backpack.

Got moves? Pomsies sing their happy song as you dance. The faster you shake, the faster they sing!

Your favorite Pomsies are now in miniature size!

Pomsie Poos are ultra-cute, smaller-sized Pomsies plush without the electronics
features but still have the long wrap-around tail to take and wear anywhere.

A heart-shaped clasp also attaches to backpacks, clothing and more -– it’s the perfect

Collect all 12 adorable animal characters, including cats, dogs, pandas, foxes, koalas,
bats, raccoons and more. 

Adorable, collectible stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in burrito blankets
that kids can unroll and discover!

Based on the current trend of pets rolled up in blankets like burritos, now kids
can collect all twelve different Cutetitos (including some super rare ones)!

Each uniquely-wrapped burrito comes in large a Blind Bag, which is so exciting
to open and unveil which Cutetito is concealed inside – it could be a Slothito,
Puppito, Bunnito, Monkito or others!

More fun surprises include finding the Cutetitos’ personality “Hot Spot” (mild,
medium, hot or super spicy), their birthday and favorite “quotito”. 

 Hot new wearable collectibles!

Each Wear’ems jewelry box comes with two super stretchy adorable characters – one that can be seen and one that's a surprise!

Can be worn as rings, hair ties, or they can decorate pencil boxes, backpacks or anything

Collect ALL 24 and make your own unique fashion statement!

Little Lucky Lunchbox

These cute culinary collectibles come with two blind-packed Foodie Friends – each with another surprise hidden inside (adorably delicious Little Foodie Friends or Stickers

Mix, match, and trade the Foodie Friends to create the cutest little menu around!

Each Little Lucky Lunchbox includes 2 Foodie Friends, 1 Little Foodie, 1 Sticker, and 1 Collector Guide.

Just Play has emerged as a leader in the children’s consumer goods industry. We are passionate and trend-driven, with a no-nonsense attitude allowing us to meet our consumer’s needs. Our products are an impressive mix of promotional and everyday items for the whole family.

Just Play manufactures toys for kids of all ages. We work with the world’s leading children’s entertainment brands including Disney Consumer Products, Marvel Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Nickelodeon. Just Play manufactures and distributes these exceptional products to every major mass retailer throughout North America and around the world.

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We are creators of fun, experts in play and makers of toys. We are leaders in toy production and distribution with a focus on collectibles, small dolls, retro toys, pre-school, youth electronics, science toys and construction.

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Pomsies Pet is an adorably cute toy that interacts with your kids in a magical way. These virtual pom pom pets can be taken absolutely anywhere. Each Pomsie has a fluffy & fur-ful tail that you can comfortably wrap around your wrists or even around your backpacks & denim-wear. Pomsies are super fun sized & interact with your kids in a unique way, promoting individuality & helping build better social skills. Pet their soft heads and watch as their eyes change color indicating their various moods! With over 50 different reactions when you play with these fluffy pets; from a freeze dance game to even feeling them purring when they are in a good mood. It's totally purr-worthy

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