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MiniOwls Storage Hammock & Clipboard Review

MiniOwls Storage Hammock

MiniOwls® Storage Hammock is an ideal way to neatly organize plush animals, dolls, pet toys & accessories, balls, towels and light sport equipment. 
Perfect for use in bedrooms, playrooms, dorms, basements, mudrooms and it's a creative way to organize props for schools, libraries, daycare, 
yoga studios, spa and wellness centers, etc. 


• Package includes mesh hammock, anchors, hooks, improved instructions 
• Attractive design matches any décor and maximizes storage space 
• Teaches kids organization skills and responsibility necessary for lifelong success and productivity 
• Free lifetime quality guarantee, 30 days return policy 
• 3% from each Storage Hammock sold goes to the Breast Cancer Research and Awareness 


When choosing the size of "MiniOwls" Storage Hammock we took under consideration different net sizes available. 

Our findings show that the 74x56x56 & 70x46x46 inches nets are the most versatile - they meet the majority of clients' needs while serving their purpose. 

This size will work for you: 

• First of all keep in mind the size of the room and available corner wall size, as this is a large hammock and needs a considerable amount of space. 

• It can store a large number of items - about 30 different size plush toys - but for best result it should not be overloaded. 

• An overstuffed hammock loses its decorative aspect. Owners of mountains of toys should take under consideration stacking 2 or more units. 

• And remember that its purpose of neatness, organizing, and categorizing will be lost if changed to a bigger size.

My Review:
MiniOwls Storage Hammock is a wonderful product. As a mother of four we've collected quite a few stuffed animals over the years. Before MiniOwls Storage Hammock I stored them in a large toy box but they were out of sight so they were never played with and when one of my kids were looking for a specific stuffed animal they would dig though the toy box and leave a huge mess behind. Now with MiniOwls Storage Hammock all of their stuffed animals are displayed nicely and they can access them easily. 

MiniOwls Storage Hammock was easy to install and comes with the proper tools to keep it safely secured to the wall. I highly recommend this product!

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MiniOwls Clipboard

MiniOwls® Clipboard is an ideal way to keep your documents organized in any environment without using a desk. 
Its durable, clean looking white plastic pad with a metal clip is perfect for your everyday need. Ideal for school, 
office, gym, activity center, medical institution, spa, wellness center, nursing home, sport training facility, indoor 
playground or anywhere a registration is needed. As you can see I'm a great writing pad, but... 


• I'm a creative kids' home & school art expo 
• I'm a handy support for travelling artists of all ages 
• I'm a key piece of any home & office command centre 
• I'm an inventive frame for photo gallery 
• I'm a hip decorative display for any medical office 
• I'm a multipurpose inexpensive office organizational tool 
• I'm an efficient holder for a calendar or any other printout for an informative exhibition 


• Package includes one white plastic clipboard with a durable high capacity metal clip 
• Its white smooth surface allows keeping it nice and clean in places where germs are not welcome 
• Its attractive design matches any décor and maximizes display space 
• Great tool to introduce to kids to teach them organization skills and responsibility necessary for lifelong success and productivity 
• Free attractive organizational printouts 
• Free lifetime quality guarantee, 30 days return policy 
• 3% from each MiniOwls Clipboard sold goes to the Autism Society 

My Review:
We're a homeschooling family so we can never have too many clip boards. MiniOwls Clipboard is so handy for the kids schoolwork. I clip all their work to the clip board for the week and they can then do their schoolwork on the couch, at the table and so on. Kids don't sit still for too long so I love that this gives them the option to move about and get comfy while they learn. This is a great product with so many uses!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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