Friday, August 28, 2015

Neoprene Water Proof Hydration Running Belt by FitGear Review

Neoprene Water Proof Hydration Running Belt by FitGear

Zipper Pouch Large Enough To Fit A Samsung S5 Or Even A IPhone 6+! Just Take Off The Protective Case. The Pouch Was Big Enough To Hold My Phone So That Made For An Easy Jog While Listening To My Music. The OtterBox Will Be A Tight Fit SO, Best Take It Off. Holds Essentials Like Keys, Supplements, Bank Cards, Money And Energy Bars And An Inhaler.

This Belt Is So Comfortable You Will Hardly Notice You Have The Running belt On And Will Certainly Not Be Weighed Down With Excess Bulk That Disturbs Your Workout Maneuvers. Perfect For Men and Women.

The Water Bottles Are A Good Size And Easy To Use While Running or Cycling. The Racing Caps On The Bottles Make It Simple To Grab A Drink While Running And With A Good Flow Of Water. The 10oz Water Bottles Hold Enough Water Even On The Hottest Marathon Days. Bottles Are Easy To Take In And Out Of Holders. Great For College Kids Taking A Run Or Just Walking Around Campus. You Can Replace The Bottles With Your Favorite Beverage During Those Great Outdoor Parties.

The Neoprene Gives You Peace Of Mind That Your Phone And Belongings Won't Get Ruined If It Rains. In Addition, The Running Belt Has A Waterproof Zipper For Extra All-Weather Protection And Safety For Your Valuables And Essentials.

Super Quality, And This WILL NOT SLIDE Down On You While You Are Running. Has A Great Shaped Anti-Slip Material Where It Fits Your Hips And Tummy. You Will Never Again Have To Adjust The Fit While Running, Something That Can Be An Issue With Other Belts. Even Jumping Over Pot Holes And Puddles Doesn't Loosen The Belt Or Make It Bounce. You Can Even Run A Marathon Knowing All Your Choice Items Are Firmly Secured In The Belt. Carry Little Snacks During Your Run.

My Review:
This Neoprene Water Proof Hydration Running Belt by FitGear is awesome! I love this product! The water bottles fit in my hand perfectly and slid in and out of the belt with ease which is great because you can continue running while using them. I also love the zipper pouch to keep my keys, phone, snack, hair tie and various other items. It's large enough to hold everything I need and since the belt is waterproof, everything is protected. The belt fits great, doesn't bounce and stays in place. This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it!

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