Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank & Solar Powered Outdoor LED Light Review

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Powerful jump starter to safely jump start a dead battery in seconds. Supports fast charging. Low self-discharge. Up to 1000 cycles. Be sure to pack this when you go camping, picnicking or go on any outdoor adventure.

Ultra-portable - Portable, compact, lightweight design that will easily fit in your backpack, or glove box for convenience. Help car start by a simple clip and no need to disconnect the original car battery. Compact size but high power.

Ultra-safe and Error-proof - Offers spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which allows it to safely connect to any battery. Multiple safety design ensures jump starter is mistake-proof.

Find Your Way Safely after Dark - Thanks to the built-in LED that functions as a flashlight and can send out SOS distress signals. It is the ideal choice for night shift workers, overtime workers and many others.

Recharge Your USB and Other Devices On The Go - Charges mobile phones, Sony PSP, MP3 / MP4 players, PDAs, notebooks, car refrigerators and other compatible appliances.

My Review:
1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank is amazing! I was expecting something much larger but the 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank is small enough to fit in my glove box which is amazing considering what all it can do. I have a minivan and unfortunately the lights get left on by my kids probably at least once a week so I've been able to test this product out quite thouroughly. Since I have four kids and we're always running here and there and nothing worse than getting them all ready and finally in the van only to find out the battery was dead. I've never owned a portable car jumper but boy should I have. The 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank is extremely easy to use and comes with everything you need to jump your battery. Another great thing about the 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank is that it can also charge my phone. I feel so comfortable taking long drives or going on vacation now that I have this 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank! I'll never get stranded again with a dead battery, or have to ask a stranger to jump my vehicle. 

Everyone who owns a vehicle should own this 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank!

I highly recommend it!

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Higher battery capacity - Improved design of upgraded solar panel version, more powerful with increased battery storage from 800mAh to 1500mAh, thus it ensures longer duration of emitting light when there is less sunshine.

Three Intelligent Working Modes - High Light Mode; Dim Light Mode; Hight Light Sensor Mode. Auto on at night / auto off at sunrise. 8 super bright LEDs with 1.6W each, this light is brighter than other earlier versions.

PIR Motion Sensor - When it is dark and detects someone approaching, the PIR (pyroelectric infrared sensor) sensor will be activated and automatically turn on the LED lights which will illuminate the area. Motion Distance: 8m.

Waterproof Design - The solar power motion sensor lamp is tightly-sealed to be waterproof, heat proof and durable. When it gets wet, the drainage holes at the bottom will drain any water inside the light to guarantee the interior body keeps dry.

How to Use: This light can be freely installed in your garden, near the stairs or at any suitable place with direct sunshine. Please fully charge it for a complete day in the sunlight for about 7-8 hours. Installation height is 3-5 meters (9.8-16.4 feet). It can be widely used for illumination in an outdoor area, courtyard, balcony, wall, path, stairs, street, garden, fence wall, etc.

My Review:
1byone Weatherproof Solar Powered Outdoor LED Light is perfect! First of all I love that this light is solar powered so there's no need to have an outlet near by or replace batteries. I also love the amount of light that this 1byone Weatherproof Solar Powered Outdoor LED Light produces. I installed this by my front door and it's absolutely perfect for lighting the doorway to get the door unlocked when I forget to turn on the patio light. I also love that the light comes on when others come up to my door so I can actually see who's at the door from the peep hole. This 1byone Weatherproof Solar Powered Outdoor LED Light has been rained on and continues to work without any issues. This is absolutely a wonderful motion light for outdoor use and I highly recommend it!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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