Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why Fish Make the Best First Time Pets for Kids

Fish are quite possibly the best first time pet for kids! 

My daughter has been wanting fish for a long time and after some serious thinking my husband and I decided it was actually a great idea to start out with fish.

Fish are a great way to teach children the responsibilities that come with pet ownership like feeding, cleaning the tank/bowl, checking the tank pH and so on. We plan on getting a puppy down the road so this is the perfect test to see how well she will actually handle the responsibility of pet ownership.

Most fish are super low key and don't require much. I know Bettas are extremely easy to care for and super pretty but we went with guppies because my daughter wanted them to have babies like her cousins fish and I thought it would be a cool experience for her.

Fish don't damage the house/yard unlike most dogs and cats that require some training. Cats scratch furniture and puppies chew on everything, dig holes and ect.

There's no pet accidents in the house. As gross as it is, it's all just contained in the tank or bowl and pretty easy to clean when the time comes.

Fish watching can be very peaceful. My daughter stairs at her fish just watching them swim about. I also have to admit I enjoy watching them swim around as well.

If the fish does go belly up, kids are not as attached as they would be to say a puppy or kitten that they physically hold and play with on a daily basis. Although I do remember crying as a child when my fish died..... but, it was nothing like when my childhood cat died. 

Petco is a wonderful place for first time fish owners as their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. My daughter picked out a fish she wanted and the very patient Petco employee made sure to catch just the one she asked for. I was amazed out how well they treated my daughter. It was a wonderful experience and is sure to be an experience she'll never forget. also has amazing resources and even offers the Petco Community where pet owners can come together to ask each other questions or read useful pet care tips and articles such as...

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