Monday, April 11, 2016

Popchips Ridges, Sweet Potato Cinnamon Twist & Boardwalk Kettle Corn Review

just what IS a popchip anyway?

this existential question has baffled snackers for eons. and by eons we mean like 2 or 3 years. after all, when is the last time YOU popped a potato? lucky for us it's simple really. it all starts with our hero...

the potato...

every potato travels toward its destiny. but life as a spud can be unpredictable.

too many potatoes are forced into the fryer - the most barbaric of endings - only to become a greasy chip.

but there's a better way
we keep our potatoes out of the deep fryer. instead, we heat them in a pressurized chamber and then quickly release them. their first breath of fresh air is a... POP

healthier, lighter, & more potato-y
we give our un-fried chips a dash of the good high oleic oils. then we massage them with our favorite spices and seasonings - voila! a chip that has all the flavor, and half the fat.

we pop other stuff too
we're not just setting potatoes free; we're saving veggies and corn from a greasy end, too. give our popped corn and veggies a try. you'll eat 'em by the bagful!

here’s a new twist on satisfying your sweet tooth. sweet potato crunch sprinkled with the perfect amount of cinnamon & sugar and an irresistible hint of apple flavor. indulge in the cinnamon sweetness that won’t end up on your buns.

a loop-de-loop of sweet, salty goodness. a delightful mix of sugar and salt with a hint of buttery flavor. it's everything we love about popcorn, but better, because it's a chip.

sweet and smoky with a touch of spice—these chips aren't right off the grill, but they taste like they are!

superbly salted mini mountains of flavor. keepin' it simple, one crunch at a time.

sharp cheddar, smooth sour cream and potatoes. it's the ultimate threesome!

My Review:
Popchips have done it again! They've created a few new delicious varieties to add to their already wonderful line of popped potato chip like snacks. Popchips aren't fried so they're a much healthier alternative to potato chips. Popchips are heated in a pressurized chamber and then quickly released to create a wonderful airy texture that I've come to love. I absolutely love the texture they've created with their Popchips line. 

Popchips Ridges are light and fluffy but incredibly crunchy and perfect for anytime snacking. Popchip's Sweet Potato Cinnamon Twist and Boardwalk Kettle Corn are an awesome addition to the Popchips line because they satisfy my sweet tooth like none other. I love Sweet potatoes but the combination of cinnamon and sugar takes the sweet potato to a whole new level. I'm also a huge fan of  kettle corn so Popchips Boardwalk Kettle Corn has definitely impressed me. Popchips Boardwalk Kettle Corn is lighly sweetened and just a tad salty which is perfect for those snacking times when you're craving something both sweet and salty.

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