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Time4Learning is the Perfect Homeschool Curriculum!

Comprehensive Educational Program
Time4Learning provides CompassLearning Odyssey Time4Learning's curriculum is made up of thousands of learning activities, lessons, and assessments which provide a standards-based education program for preschool through high school. Children are presented with an ongoing sequence of lessons that provide a much more valuable educational experience than the isolated lessons that learning games provide. Click to learn about CompassLearning, the provider of Time4Learning's LessonTime materials.

Time4Learning does not provide its K-12 program to schools. Time4Learning is intended to be used in the home as a homeschool curriculum, afterschool alternative to tutoring, and for summer study. If you are looking for an online curriculum for classroom use, please contact CompassLearning directly for information.

Online Web Safety
Kids should be able to use the best web sites and have some freedom to explore. But leaving children under ten unsupervised on the net is not a good idea. Time4Learning provides a safe "white list" and interface to the best children's sites. They get ample room to explore but within a safe playground.

Time4Learning is also a fully registered member of ICRA, in compliance with COPPA standards and contributes to Net Family News and Safer Child all in an effort to keep kids safe online.

Educational Use of Technology
Technology for educational enrichment is particularly effective in the young years. At first, mastering the mouse skills and the interface are the challenges. From there, children move to following directions, basic recognition of shapes, colors, letters, and numerals. These skills and the others need reinforcement and development from as many learning modalities as possible.

Fun & Learning
Time4Learning's Playground is mix of educational materials, edutainment, and "casual" games. They are designed to be fun but not all-consuming. The goal is entertainment, not addiction. One of the most popular parts of the entire Time4Learning service is the Two Player games. These games are for two people to play together at the same computer. Time4Learning is also meant to be fun for the parents in that it's Ed Mouse who tells the kids that they've been on the computer long enough, not the parent who has to stand watch with a timer.

Families use Time4Learning for:
Skill Building and After School
Summer Studies
Gifted Students or Accelerated Learning
Learning Difficulties or Special Needs
Self Paced Learning
Scheduling Flexibility

Why Parents Love Time4Learning

Easily Affordable
Reduce your costs associated with homeschooling by using our comprehensive online platform.

Saves You Time
Time4Learning’s automated system saves you time because it teaches, grades, and reports for you.

Academic Freedom
Create an individualized curriculum that complements your child’s learning style and imparts the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values you choose.

Simple Parent Tools
Parent tools are available for you to monitor progress and generate reports, including transcripts and homeschool portfolios.

Select different grade levels for each subject to customize for your child’s specific needs. Changes can easily be made at any time.

Self Paced
Students have the potential to move through education grade levels faster and accelerate learning.

My Review:
Time4Learning is the Perfect Homeschool Curriculum! I absolutely love Time4Learning and so does my daughter! My daughter actually asks to do Time4Learning everyday and I love that the lessons are in order and there's little to no planning needed from me to get her up and running. It's self paced and incredibly easy for kids to use. I also love the tools that they have for parents. Parents can create lesson plans, chat with others in the forum, generate reports, check grades and print transcripts. Another great thing about Time4Learning is that they give you access to the selected grade level as well as a grade below and above it for the elementary grade levels. So, if you child is reads at a 3rd grade level but is only at a 2nd grade level in math they can work at their grade levels in both subjects. I pay for 6 months at a time which comes to $89.70 which works out to $14.95 which is totally worth it in my opinion!

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