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Soothe the Soul with Temple Turmeric's Hand-Crafted Elixirs!

Our Roots
Our journey began in 2008 on a trip to Hawaii where my friend Lindsey and I discovered the life-changing and healing power of raw, organic turmeric. When I returned home to New York City I continued craving the transformative power of the whole root organic turmeric I had come to love.

Using that same Hawaiian Oana Turmeric, we began hand-crafting elixirs and selling them on bicycles through the busy streets of New York City. The response was profound and our growth from these humble roots continues to be electric.

Every day we are grateful to continue sharing our nourishing turmeric-based beverages created to support a positive inflammation response. We seek to remain passionately dedicated to our original founding philosophy of celebrating the body as Temple, and serving as a beacon for soulful health and awareness through the powerful benefits of organic drinkable turmeric.

Daniel Sullivan, Founder & CEO

The Temple Turmeric mandala represents balance and presence within the body & unity with the universe.

Breathe deep and enjoy the journey.

Be Alkaline

This turmeric and multi green juice Elixir was carefully created with a symphony of intelligent super green food ingredients. Organic spirulina, chlorella and barley grass are full of essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, plus plant proteins. This helps sustain and alkalize the body along with supporting chelation of heavy metals.

True Synergistic Adaptogens

We use nutrient dense greens, exotic ginger, coconut nectar, cassia and cayenne to help maximize the full potential of the 13g of our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ in this bottle.

A Mystical Refresh 

White Turmeric is a beautiful and fragrant varietal of turmeric that is rare in the Western world and tastes crisp like green mango. This Elixir has whole root white turmeric, a kick of ginger, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and luxurious dark cherry for a blissful sensory experience.

True Adaptogenic Ingredients

We combine apple cider vinegar with ginger, lime and cardamom to maximize the full potential of the 5,500 mg of organic, whole root White Turmeric. Please enjoy this 50 calorie, 6 grams sugar White Turmeric Dark Cherry Elixir wherever your wondrous journey takes you!

A Utopic Blend

This radiant blend offers a revitalizing and grounding sensory experience that supports a healthy inflammation response. Juicy pineapple, mango, and citrus highlight the 13,000 mg of radiant Hawaiian Oana Turmeric in every bottle. Honor Your Body with this mega, bioavailable turmeric offering.

True Synergistic Adaptogens

We use black pepper, ginger, and coconut milk to help your body absorb and maximize the full potential of the 13,000 mg of our organic, whole root Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ and White Turmeric in every bottle. Please enjoy this 100 calorie, 7 grams sugar Pure Mega Elixir wherever your wondrous journey takes you!

The Fresh O.G.

The Universe’s first ready-to-drink whole root turmeric Elixir.  Born in 2009 in the basement of Manhattan’s own East Village Trinity Church, the Original is a revitalizing, pure expression of our hand-harvested Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ offering 10,000 mg per bottle. Honor your body with the highest quality, most compassionately grown turmeric in existence.

True Synergistic Adaptogens

We use the enzymatic properties of a rich, raw honey along with ginger, spearmint and cayenne to help your body absorb and maximize the full potential of our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ in this bottle.

A Rhizome Spice Party

Prized in Ayurveda for its multitude of uses, zesty ginger is the warming and uplifting cousin to powerful, vibrant turmeric. We’ve paired the turmeric ginger relatives with organic agave, a low-glycemic sweetener, plus a touch of warming organic cinnamon. A stellar vegan botanical potion!

True Synergistic Adaptogens

We combine whole root ginger with cinnamon and other botanicals like spearmint and cayenne to maximize the full potential of the 10,000 mg of our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ in every bottle.

Electrolyte Plus

Coconut nectar is the sap from coconut tree blossoms that has a near neutral pH and is abundant with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Plus, this equatorial syrup of the tropics is a low glycemic natural sweetener that when combined with coconut oil and a bouquet of spices turns this Elixir into a curcumin absorption powerhouse.

True Synergistic Adaptogens

We blend plant-based fats from coconut oil and piperine-loaded black pepper to maximize your body’s absorption of the 10,000 mg of our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ in this bottle.

My Review:
Temple Turmeric's Hand-Crafted Elixirs are amazingly refreshing! Temple Turmeric's Hand-Crafted Elixirs taste wonderful and are so soothing to the stomach. I also love that they contain turmeric because turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Since having my son a year ago I've been having issues with inflammation and let me tell you these Temple Turmeric's Hand-Crafted Elixirs have completely solved that problem for me. My feet used to swell up like crazy at night but when I drink Temple Turmeric my feet don't swell up. I've been drinking one a day and plan on continuing to keep inflammation down. I also really like that Temple Turmeric's beverages are organic and contain ingredients with many other benefits like ginger, dark cherry and so on. Temple Turmeric helps to keep my body balanced and healthy and I highly recommend you all try one of their beverages today!

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