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Craft and Play with Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio! - #HGG

With over 20 years experience, Maya Toys continues to create innovative, high-quality toys. Our brands are specifically designed with passion, integrity and “WOW!” in mind.

Maya is driven by a single purpose: bring to market toys that delight and dazzle boys and girls throughout the world. Best known for our award-winning Orbeez brand, we’re dedicated to applying unexpected technologies and on-trend themes to time-proven play patterns.

Leveraging decades of experience, we maintain the highest standards for safety and quality to ensure the play experience surpasses the expectations of both kids and their parents. And by learning directly from kids how they like to play, our products remain fresh, relevant and creatively stimulating long after the package is opened.

Privately owned and based in Cypress, California, Maya delivers a WOW-inducing boost to toy categories including Arts & Crafts, Beauty & Fashion Play, Creative Play, Outdoor Play, and Novelty & Gag Toys.

Grow! Crush! Create! A whole new way to craft and play with Orbeez! Create and decorate delicious looking pretend treats with crushed Orbeez. Select your color from the Crushing Station and crush over 100 Orbeez at once. The icing bag makes it easy to fill your favorite sweets with your crushed Orbeez. Sweet Treats Studio includes: Crushing wall, 2-Layer Cake, 2 Cupcakes, 2 “Cookie Cutters”, 2 Icing bags with 2 different size nozzles and 1,800 Orbeez in 6 colors.


1 Crushing Station
1,800 Orbeez
2-Layer Cake
2 Cupcakes
2 Cookie Cutters
2 Icing Bags
2 Nozzles

My Review:
Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio is a blast! My kids absolutely love this Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio. I have three girls age 8, 6 and 4 and they all played together with the Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio and not once did they argue or fight. I was blown away at how well they played together and after sitting down with my kiddos I now realize that it may be because playing with the Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio is somewhat therapeutic and relaxing. Soaking the Orbeez is just as fun as actually making your sweet treats. You start out with tiny little Orbeez but when you water them and let them grow they become squishy balls that are extremely fun to play with. One note that I will make is that you should put down a vinyl table cloth or let the kiddos play with this outside for easy clean up. We used a disposable vinyl table cloth and I simply tossed it out when we were done and the mess was very minimal. My girls absolutely love this Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio and I highly recommend it for hours upon hours of fun! It would make a terrific gift this holiday season!

Available for purchase at, Target, Walmart, ToysRus and Kmart!

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