Friday, December 9, 2016

Celebrate the Many Reasons for the Holiday Season with Elf on the Shelf and the At Home Store!

The holiday season is upon us and we must know come up with a new hiding spot every night for our Elf on the Shelf dolls!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Elf on the Shelf! My kids love Elfie and their favorite thing to do every morning is to seek him out. This year my 18 month old is finally old enough to join in on the tradition and he absolutely loves it! He yells and points to all the spots in the house the Elfie used to be. It's such a fun way to start the day! This year I decided to hit the At Home Store to set up a new scene for our Elf on the Shelfs initial visit. I tell the kids that Elfie brings the holiday decorations with him and that that's what his room looks like at home. I also admit as a mom of 4 that the Elf on the Shelf can be extra work but I promise it's so fun! My husband and I have a blast coming up with new spots for Elfie.

 If you've never been into an At Home store you're truly missing out. They have just about everything and I literally want to buy everything in the store each and every time I go there. I also love setting up festive scenes and tablescapes and will often do so just to get into the holiday spirit or to refresh my household decor.

This year I found so many adorable items at the At Home store it was so hard to stick to any kind of budget, although nothing I purchased was outrageously priced. If fact everything I purchased I considered a steal considering prices for similar items I've seen elsewhere. This little Merry Christmas sign is adorable and you have to have a Merry Christmas sign as part of your holiday decor. I mean you just have to!

Then there's this little fabric tree! So adorable with the gold star on top!

This fabric present is also adorable and fits in with my holiday decor perfectly!

These pine cones are perfect for decorating  with and they are cinnamon scented so your whole house will smell amazing!

This white church completes the scene and I absolutely love it! The style goes with everything else and little Elfie loves to climb to the top and hang out! 

If you're looking for holiday decor or really any decor for that matter I highly recommend the At Home Store! My husband and I are having a house build that will be ready this spring and I will be furnishing and decorating it with the help of the At Home Store. My husband was somewhat afraid when I told him I was going shopping at the At Home Store for just about everything we need for the new house until he saw the prices. Now he knows I can decorate and furnish our new home with beautiful items from the At Home Store without breaking the bank!

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