Monday, December 12, 2016

Softlites, the Cure for the Common Can Light!

Softlites creator, Mitchell Teller, is an award winning Director/Cinematographer of “Fashion and Beauty” TV Commercials who, in order to aesthetically illuminate interior locations, created a prototype diffusor which clipped on to existing recessed ceiling “can” lights…. thereby softening the otherwise harsh light. When crew members started asking to take the prototypes home with them, he knew that he had created a useful solution for a widespread problem.

Softlites easily converts ugly recessed ceiling “can” lights into contemporary flush mounted fixtures. The benefits and advantages are:

Design and Aesthetics: Why suffer with ugly ceiling holes and the glare of protruding bare bulbs? Our contemporary design and color solutions suit all home and apartment environments.

Cosmetics and Skin Care: Nothing is less complimentary than the harsh overhead glare from a bare bulb. Additionally, squinting causes crow’s feet as well as other fine lines and wrinkles. Our diffusor shades cosmetically “soften” the light… and end those problems.

Medical: Multiple medical sources confirm that the harsh glare from bare bulbs causes eye strain, headaches and triggers migraines. Softlites are attractive cures for those problems.

Cost: Softlites were designed and engineered to be remarkably affordable. At less than $20 each, Softlites cost MUCH less to purchase than standard flush mount diffusor fixtures, which additionally require expert installation.

More Natural Source: “Hard” light from the bare bulbs of old style “cans” hits the floor first. With Softlites all light diffuses or reflects softly from the ceiling (the way nature intended).

Translucent circular disc with French linen shade for an “elegant traditional” look

Polar white trim

12” diameter

My Review:
Softlites are the cure for the common can light! With can lights becoming oh so popular I'm so glad to see there's a way to add a little style to them. Softlites come in a few different varieties so there's sure to be a style you'll love. What I love thh most about Softlites is that they can soften up the lights in any room. As someone who suffers from migraines here and there I can honestly say having softer lighting has helped my with my migraines. I also feel like softer lighting makes homes look more inviting. Softlites also eliminates the pesky glare that you get from the common can light and is truly a terrific way to refresh any room in your home. 

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