Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Check Out the New Schleich Dog Kennel Playset! #EASTERGIFTGUIDE

The Schleich Philosophy

Our main objective is to give children exciting and educationally valuable game concepts that spur creativity and imagination and support their development.

We assure you that at Schleich we check the design, material and safety with the greatest of care.

Only in this way can we fulfil our philosophy and continue to supply high-quality and lovingly designed products that excite children and collectors.

When selecting our series of comic figures we take special consideration of the characters and the message that they send.

Educational aspects are more important to us than potential sales.

Highly detailed

Educational play value


My Review:
The new Schleich Dog Kennel Playset is adorable! My daughter loves all the adorable figures and animals from Schleich because they're incredibly realistic looking and super fun to play with. As a mom of 4 I love how well they're made. They're incredibly durable and are definitely toys that can be passed down to siblings. This Schleich Dog Kennel Playset comes with a dog, kennel, little girl, food bowl, bone and leash. My daughter has been playing with this set non stop and loves to put the bone in the food bowl and use the leash to take the dog for a walk. This Schleich Dog Kennel Playset is perfect because it comes with everything you need to play. Both the dog and the girl look incredibly realistic and the accessories are perfect for this set. The new Schleich Dog Kennel Playset would be a terrific addition to any Easter basket and kids will surely love it!

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