Wednesday, January 3, 2018

World Alive’s Aqua Dragons Make the Perfect Pets for Kids of All Ages!

Our mission is to bring enjoyment and awareness of nature and animals to nature lovers of all ages but especially children through the design, production and sale of original gifts, life cycle kits and great educational science toys. 

Aqua Dragons are a unique kind of crustacean called Artemia, that have a biological process called Diapause that allows them to hibernate, hatching once in contact with water. Five years ago, Holden and her partners launched a successful range of hatch-and-grow Aqua Dragons kits with the goal of providing curious-minded people and animal lovers everywhere with their own unique pets. Hatching and growing Aqua Dragons helps children learn important values like caring for a living creature and being responsible as it pertains to feeding, as well as how to treat live animals with respect instead of as a science experiment. Kids will also learn about science, anatomy, biology, marine biology and even history and geography through playtime with their Aqua Dragons.

Asteroid shaped tank with glow-in-the-dark base 

Glow-in-the-dark feeding spoon

Magnifying lid

Aqua Dragons' Eggs that have been sent to space

Aqua Dragons' Food 

Set-up and care instructions

Collector’s edition Authenticity Certificate with the space flight specifications

Aqua Dragons APP: including games, fun facts and your 360º space flight video

This kit includes all you need to get started (except water which you will add at home)

A full coloured underwater world decorated tank with lid

Aqua Dragons Eggs

Aqua Drafons Food

Feeding Spoon




- Food

- Feeding spoon

- Instructions booklet

Hatch and grow your very own live Jurassic age pets!

My Review:
World Alive’s Aqua Dragons make the perfect pets for kids of all ages! We recently tried out World Alive’s Aqua Dragons and let me tell you, they make the perfect pets for kids of just about all ages. I have four kids ages two, five, seven and nine and they absolutely love World Alive’s Aqua Dragons. One thing we really love is that they start out as eggs but literally hatch within twenty four hours. If you have kids, you'll know how nice it is that they hatch so quickly. I also have to say I was quite fascinated with the Aqua Dragons and found myself watching them just as much as my kiddos if not more. They're definitely interesting creatures! 

Another terrific thing about World Alive’s Aqua Dragons is that they lay eggs and the cycle just keeps on going. World Alive’s Aqua Dragons are literally the perfect pet. Even if your Aqua Dragons die, you can simply let all the water dry up in the tank and add water to hatch any recently laid eggs to start the process all over again. It's the perfect easy pet for kids and even adults! 

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