Monday, January 30, 2017

Little Me's T-Rex 3-Piece Cotton Pajamas Make Bedtime Fun!

At Little Me®, we create unique clothing that celebrates those fleeting years when newborns transform into young toddlers. At the heart of Little Me is this time of exploring and delight—the magical years of discoverhood. Our products let little ones be little—whether they’re napping, throwing cereal on the floor or crawling through deliciously muddy grass.

We are constantly developing innovative apparel, accessories and products that nurture discoverhood. We never use tweed, leather or any other “grown-up” material. We use fabrics like soft cotton, terrycloth and velour. We believe babies should always be comfortable, snuggly and safe, free to do what they do best: play, sleep and thrive. Everything we design allows babies to discover the world at their own pace. They’ll have plenty of time to dress like adults. After all, even the tiniest newborn will grow up soon. Let them—and yourself—enjoy the wonder while it lasts. 

Delightful dinosaurs make bedtime big fun on an adorable pajama set for your baby boy, featuring a comfy t-shirt, pants and lightweight shorts for the warmer months.

100% Cotton
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

My Review:
Little Me's T-Rex 3-Piece Cotton Pajamas are not only adorable but they make bedtime fun! My little guy loves dinosaurs so when he saw these he was super excited. Now that he's about 20 months old putting on pajamas has become somewhat of a battle because he's never ready for bed and he's learned what putting on his pajamas means. When I told him it was time to put on his new dinosaur pajamas he actually came running to me and wanted to put them on. They've been worn a few nights now but every time I tell him it's time to put on his dinosaur pajamas he's excited and comes to me. He still fights going to bed but at least when his Little Me T-Rex 3-Piece Cotton Pajamas are clean putting on pajamas is a little easier. I may seriously have to invest in a few sets of these pajamas because by the time I'm done fighting to get him into his other pajamas I'm the one who's ready for bed. Little Me's T-Rex 3-Piece Cotton Pajamas are perfect for cool or warm nights and make bedtime a blast!

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