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townleygirl Trolls & Tsum Tsum Children's Cosmetics and Hair Accessories to Love! + Giveaway!

Founded in 1952, townleygirl is the leader in children's cosmetics and hair accessories. Partnering with top-notch brands like Disney, Universal and DreamWorks, we not only create great products, but also some of the safest ones on the market. With products like sheer lip gloss and peelable nail polish, kids will have a fantastic time dressing up as their favorite characters, and parents will have an easy clean up when they are all done.

townleygirl's mission is to design and distribute safe, fun and high quality branded beauty products at affordable prices for children and preteen markets. We strive to be the category leader for both markets; offering relevant, compelling, and innovative beauty products that inspire imagination. 

We’ve hit the nail on the head with this fun set! Here, she gets 18 different shades of nail polish that all trolls love. Use them as party favors or let her keep them all! With all these colors, she can alternate or mix and match. It’s all a part of the fun!

18 piece peelable nail polish set
Polish is bubble gum scented
Polish shades include: pink, yellow, green, orange, sky blue, dark blue, red, and more
DreamWorks' Trolls packaging

Put your hair in the air! Or maybe put it on your lip gloss! These lip tubes come in four shimmery colors and are topped with special troll hair. Store these fun lip tubes in our double-sided tin, featuring her favorite characters from Trolls!

Included are four lip glosses topped with faux hair and tin
Lip gloss colors and flavors include purple grape, rose strawberry, blue cotton candy and orange mango
DreamWorks' Trolls packaging

Feast her lips to some crazy, spunky fun! These lip jellies are the perfect way for your little Troll to play dress up with her favorite characters from the animated film. #Trolltastic!

Assortment of 5 transparent lip jellies with colors and moisturizing formula infused inside
 Flavors include cotton candy, grape, bubble gum, lemon, and watermelon
DreamWorks' Trolls packaging

Give in to the craze and put her hair in the air! These hair bows will complete the look for her. Featuring her favorite trolls, they're cute, colorful, and just for her!

Assortment of 4 hair bows
DreamWorks' Trolls packaging

Warning: This product contains an overload of cute and cuddly creatures. Your little munchkin will love painting her nails with these Tsum Tsum inspired polishes, and buffing them with our adorable nail file. How can nail polish be this adorable?

Assortment of 4 nail polishes and nail file
Polishes are bubble gum scented; colors include purple, red, fuchsia and sky blue
Disney's Tsum Tsum packaging

Now she can chill out with her #1 stackabale characters by wearing Tsum-Tsum inspired lip gloss on her lips. She can choose between various shades of fruity-flavored fun—share some with her friends, or try them all herself! A bonus charm is included, and each lip gloss comes with a puffy icon, so the good times never end! 

Assortment of 5 lip glosses with puffy key chains attached
Lip gloss colors and flavors include: purple grape, red cherry, pink bubble gum, blue blueberry and teal watermelon 
Disney's Tsum Tsum packaging

With all the playing your little one does, she's sure to get her hands dirty! This set of scented hand sanitizers are the perfect solution. She can #justchill with her favorite stackable Tsum Tsum characters while staying germ-free! Also included is a holder, to conveniently carry her choice of sanitizer with her wherever she goes. 

Assortment of 6 hand sanitizers and sanitizer holder
Sanitizer scents include watermelon, cotton candy, grape, lemon, cherry and bubble gum
Disney's Tsum Tsum packaging


My Review:
Townleygirl's Trolls & Tsum Tsum children's cosmetics and hair accessories are absolutely adorable! Having 3 girls we're huge fans of townleygirl in our household. Hitting the townleygirl section at Target is my secret weapon for shopping with all 4 of my kiddos at Target. I bribe them to behave, yep that's right I bribe my kids. If they want to hit the townleygirl section they had better let momma get all her shopping done. We always end up picking up a townleygirl item once there because they're reasonably priced but also because I can usually buy one pack and they can split the items up since there's usually several items in a pack.  

We're in love with the new Trolls movie so when we saw townleygirl release a Trolls line we were ecstatic! Townleygirl's Trolls 4 Pack Lip Tube With Tin is adorable and we love the Troll like hair on the lids of the lip tubes. Townleygirl's Trolls 18 Pack Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set is phenomenal and is sure to make any little girls day! Townleygirl's Trolls 4 Pack Heart Bows are super cute and everyone that see's them in my girls hair thinks the same. And finally townleygirl's Trolls Super Shine Lip Jellies Set is also a perfect item for little girls. All little girls love lipstick so this set is sure to please!

Townleygirl's Tsum Tsum line is also a crowd pleaser! Tsum Tsums themselves are adorable but add a little townleygirl into the mix and they make a wonderful gift for kids! Townleygirl's Tsum Tsum 4 Pack Nail Polish with File is incredibly cute and we love the colors. Tsum Tsum 5 Pack Lip Gloss Set from townleygirl is super cute and comes with puffy key chains attached making them extra special. We also love townleygirl 's Tsum Tsum 6 Pack Hand Sanitizers because their very practical but also super cute! Another reason I love them is that they make terrific party favors because their perfect for boys and girls and I just really feel like hand sanitizer has earned it's place at children's birthday parties.

  Townleygirl's Trolls & Tsum Tsum children's cosmetics and hair accessories make terrific gifts for kids and my girls and I highly recommend them!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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