Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Peaceable Kingdom's New Super Valentine Scratch & Sniff Fun Packs are Here!

What We Believe

Here at Peaceable Kingdom, we believe in a few important things.

We believe in slowing down and putting our screens aside so we can play with our kids, in spending time with friends and in connecting with family. We believe that doing this for even a little bit every day nourishes our spirit.

We believe that kids shine when kindness, courage, and connection are part of their DNA, when they reach out to someone who is sad, or can get up after a tumble, or give you an unexpected hug.

We believe in family and community, by being a family-owned, family-first company that has proudly called Berkeley, California, home for over 30 years.

We believe that honesty really is the best policy, no matter what.

We believe in cooperation in all its forms, with each other as employees, with the inventors, artists, manufacturers, and retailers who make up our larger family, and with our planet.

We believe that when play comes from the heart and feeds the soul, a more peaceable kingdom really is possible.

Super Valentine Fun Packs!

Simply sign, seal and deliver these super cool Valentines!

With a delicious look and chocolate scent, you might just be tempted to eat one up!

28 Chocolate-scented cards
28 Envelopes

Super Valentine Fun Packs!

Simply sign, seal and deliver these super cool Valentines!

Yum! These Valentines smell like cherry and are as sweet as can be!

28 Scented cards
28 Envelopes

My Review:
Peaceable Kingdom's new Super Valentine Fun Packs are here and what a blast they are! I've always loved scratch and sniff stickers, cards and so on so when I saw these I was in love. My kids have also developed the same love for scratch and sniff products and absolutely love how adorably cute these Peaceable Kingdom Valentines Day cards are. As a mom what I also appreciate is that they come with 28 scented cards and envelopes which should be enough for an entire classroom full of kids. Add a few pieces of candy to the envelope and their ready for any Valentines Day celebration. My kids are homeschooled but already have these cards all made up and ready to hand out for their Awana classroom party in a few weeks. 

A lot of time with scented stuff the smells can be a little off but these Peaceable Kingdom Cookies & Cream and Cherry Cupcake Scratch & Sniff Cards are spot on. They smell amazing and have even freshened up both my daughter's rooms where we're keeping them till they're ready to be handed out.

Peaceable Kingdom Cookies & Cream and Cherry Cupcake Scratch & Sniff Cards are sure to be a hit this Valentines Day so be sure to get yours early before they sell out!

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