Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Public Media Distribution is Re-Releasing the Oscar-Nominated The Gruffalo and the Sequel The Gruffalo’s Child! Available on DVD Now! + Giveaway!

This enchanting tale tells the story of a mouse who walks through the woods in search of a nut. Along the way, he encounters a hungry fox, owl, and snake who all think the mouse looks good to eat! Forced to rely on his wits for survival, Mouse invents an imaginary monster with frightening features to scare them away, but what happens when he comes face-to-face with his own creation?

My Review:
The Gruffalo is an incredibly fun movie for kids! In The Gruffalo a cute little Mouse who wanders into the woods runs into a few animals who thinks Mouse looks good to eat. In an attempt to survive Mouse invents an imaginary monster with frightening features to scare them away, but in a twist of fate he comes face-to-face with his own creation.

My kids absolutely adore this movie and I love that it's very family friendly. My kids have watched this movie just about everyday now and still haven't tired of it. I even have to admit that I enjoy watching it with them. The story is incredibly cute and the animation is fabulous. The Gruffalo is a wonderful movie and is extremely fun and entertaining!

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One snowy night, the Gruffalo’s Child ignores her father’s warning and bravely tiptoes out of their cave into the deep dark wood in search of the Big Bad Mouse. On her journey, she meets Snake, Owl, and Fox but no sign of the fabled Mouse. He doesn’t really exist…or does he?

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My Review:
The Gruffalo’s Child is a wonderfully fun movie for kids! The Gruffalo’s Child ignores her father’s warnings and goes in search of the Big Bad Mouse. This is the perfect sequel to The Gruffalo and every bit as entertaining. The story is adorable and my kids love watching The Gruffalo’s Child because they love the little Gruffalo Child. I love that this movie isn't very long so we can watch it just about as often as they want. The Gruffalo’s Child is adorable and my family and I highly recommend it!

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