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Soothe Your Allergies this Spring with HoMedics! #MOTHERSDAY2018

Welcome to HoMedics where our brand is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. Originally founded in 1987 by entrepreneurs Ron Ferber and Alon Kaufman, HoMedics is widely recognized for its home massage products, and continues to be a leading innovator in massage technology today. But massage is not all we do! HoMedics has a full line of in-home wellness products that are uniquely designed to promote your well being; including: Air Filters, humidifiers, sleep aids, fitness monitors, and more.

Over the last 25 years, HoMedics has grown into a world leader in personal wellness; manufacturing some of the world’s best known, most innovative brands in personal health, wellness, and electronics in more than 60 countries.

Model: AT-PET02

Love your pets, but hate the allergens, dander, and smells they add to the air inside your home? HoMedics®' 99.97% True HEPA TotalClean Air Purifier with PetPlus™ Technology is specially designed for households with pets. The triple-stage filtration system utilizes a pre-filter that captures hair, fur, and larger fibers. Next, our exclusive PetPlus filter reduces common pet odors, and is followed by the True HEPA filter, which captures and removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens, pet dander, pollen, dust, smoke, and germs.

Model: SS-A450

HoMedics® SoundSpa® Slumber Scents combines the functionality of an alarm clock with a sound spa and diffuser. Make use of the Bluetooth® Technology enabled feature or the pre-loaded 6 different relaxation and nature sounds. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser delivers a fine mist of natural aromas. Pick your favorite light show with the 6 LED program options. Each Slumber Scents included an essential oil sample kit including lavender, Fight it and Orange.

Model: ARMH-EO15AP1

The Clarify and Relax Trio includes three bottles of our most popular essential oils: eucalyptus, tea tree, and our Relax blend. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are purifying scents that encourage deep breathing, while our Relax blend is made from a soothing combination of cedarwood and lavandin.

My Review:
Soothe your allergies this spring with HoMedics! HoMedics is one of my favorite brands because they're always coming out with new products to help me improve my quality of life. I know that may seem silly to say but as a runner, mom of four, homeschooling mom and so much more I need products that help me relax, feel better and keep pushing forward. That's exactly what HoMedics helps me do and right now with my lovely spring allergies flaring up, HoMedics is helping me more than ever. 

HoMedics TotalClean PetPlus™ Air Purifier is doing an amazing job to purify the air within my home. I've actually never had an air purifier before so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I usually go for a run in the evening and lately with everything in bloom I end up with a scratchy throat from my allergies. After coming home from my run I waited, expecting to get that dreaded feeling in my throat but it never came. I know it should have because I felt that tingle in my throat while I was running. Thinking maybe it was a fluke I ran again the next evening and paid close attention to how my throat felt but again I never got that scratchy feeling in my throat. I'm absolutely over the moon to have found the HoMedics TotalClean PetPlus™ Air Purifier because now I can run without worrying about my dreaded allergies. I also want to mention that I have two cats and have already noticed that my home smells cleaned and fresher than ever. There also seems to be less dust and cat hair floating around in the air which I sure helps the whole family breathe easier. 

SoundSpa® Slumber Scents from HoMedics is the perfect way to soothe your senses day or night! Not only does this amazing diffuser do an amazing job to disperse a fine mist of natural aromas throughout the room but it also plays relaxing sounds. It also has 6 color changing lights, displays the time and even has Bluetooth® Technology enabling to it play your own music. It's an alarm clock, diffuser and so much more. It's the perfect way to diffuse soothing oils throughout the room to help you ward off any allergy symptoms. 

Clarify and Relax Essential Oil Trio from HoMedics is the perfect set of oils to help you clarify and relax. Complete with eucalyptus, tea tree, and HoMedics custom Relax blend you're sure to find the perfect oil for just about any occasion. These oils smell amazing and do a terrific job to help cleanse the air all while you relax. They're a great way to help with the fight against your allergy symptoms and are a sure fire way to help you relax.

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