Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Froggy Kitchenware Manual Stainless Steel Pepper/Salt Grinder Review

WORKS WITH SALT OR PEPPER: Perk up meats, salads & more with the incomparable flavor of fresh-ground spices! Our stainless steel/ceramic grinder lets you grind sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or peppercorns for the perfect finish to that gourmet meal.

FRIENDLY TO YOUR BUDGET (AND THE EARTH): Since our premium grinder is operated by hand, there's no need to buy costly batteries again and again. Skip those disposable salt & pepper shakers to reduce waste and save money!

ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO USE: With a simple twist of the bottom ring, you can adjust the grind from powder fine to coarse. Smooth crank mechanism ensures no chunks of pepper land in your food. Clear panel tells you when a refill is needed.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We at Froggy Kitchenware stand behind our products. We're certain you'll be satisfied with your product--customer satisfaction is our priority. Our pepper grinder or salt mill is built to deliver exceptional performance for years.

LOOKS STYLISH AND ELEGANT: Dazzle your dinner guests! Our spice mills' stainless steel finish and sleek, space-saving design makes it an eye-catching addition to your table or countertop.

My Review:
Froggy Kitchenware Manual Stainless Steel Pepper/Salt Grinder is wonderful! I love it's sleek stainless steel look and the fact that it fits in your hand just perfectly. I actually really like that this grinder isn't batter operated because the batteries in others always seem to die in the middle of dinner and then you're left either having to search for new batteries or skip adding salt or pepper to your dish. I also happen to like grinding the salt or pepper by hand because it makes me feel like whatever I cooked up is more authentic than it really is. Even grinding some salt over my scrambles eggs in the morning makes them much more appealing. It's fun to use and also much easier to judge how much salt or pepper your adding to your dish. I highly recommend this product!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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