Wednesday, October 7, 2015

And Then It Rained on Malcolm Book Review

And Then It Rained on Malcolm
by Paige Feurer (Author), Rich Farr (Illustrator)

Book Description

Even when it’s pouring rain, Malcolm can’t bring himself to stay inside. He puts on his red boots and his red coat, pulls on his goggles, and heads out for an adventure. He splashes around the yard, jumps in puddles, and gets tickled by worms. But when Malcolm’s done playing he runs right through the mud and right through the sand—and right through the house! Mom’s not impressed. How is this silly boy going to fix his mess?

Rich Farr’s energetic illustrations add the perfect touch of whimsy to Paige Feurer’s simple yet lively text. And Then It Rained on Malcolm is the perfect read-aloud book for even the squirmiest kids and is sure to get everyone giggling over Malcolm’s silly antics and his clever thinking. Enthusiastic lovers of Malcolm’s adventure might plead for permission to go outside the next time it rains—and even if they race through the house with muddy boots and dripping raincoats afterwards they’ll know how to clean up the mess!

About the Author
Paige Feurer is a child psychologist and former teacher. While studying in Vancouver, Canada and Lancaster, England, she learned that a little rain shouldn’t stop you from playing. Paige lives in Calgary with her two daughters and makes the most of all rain showers that come her way.

Rich Farr has been designing and illustrating professionally for over seventeen years. Having recently left the rain of Victoria, Canada, behind, he now lives in the snowy tundra of Calgary with his two sons. Whenever possible, Rich stomps in puddles, plays in mud, and makes messes.

My Review:
And Then It Rained on Malcolm by Paige Feurer is such a fun book! My kids absolutely loved this book. The illustrations are so fun and sure to give children of all ages a giggle or two. Malcolm is a little boy who loves adventure and building sandcastles in his backyard until it begins to rain. Malcolm continues the fun by putting on his rain coat and boots and splashing around in the mud. He then finds some worms and continues the fun until the worms invade his boots, hair and coat and began to tickle him. He runs through the house, gets in a bit of trouble but knows just what to do. My kids ask to read this book every night and can't wait for out next rainstorm.

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