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Jax Games Review - #HGG


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Ages 7+, 2-12 Players

Each card has the name of a capital with its location shown on the state. Players match the state's shape and color on the card to the same state and shape and color on the board, then place a chip on that space. When you have five in a row it's a . Players of all ages will have fun learning the states and their capitals while enjoying the fun, challenging play of the game.

My Review:
Sequence States & Capitals is so fun! I'm a huge fan of the original Sequence game so I knew this would be fun. As a homeschooling mom of four I also appreciate how educational it is. I'm amazed at how many states and capitals my kids have learned in just the few times we've played this game. I also have to admit it's really helping me to brush up on my geography skills. This is perfect for kids 7+, however my 5 year old played and did pretty well so if your kids have some knowledge about states and capitals they may do fine at a younger age. You can also have 2-12 players so this might be a great gift to get for all the teachers out there since it would be such a fun way to teach about states and capitals.

Ages 4-7
2-4 players

Players sound out the letter on their cards, match it to the beginning sound of a picture on the gameboard, then place a chip there. Each card features a letter of the alphabet in upper and lower case. Colored squares on the cards and gameboard help with faster recognition. When you have 4 of your chips in a row, you’ve got a ! Kids will have fun playing the great game of  while learning the letters of the alphabet. Dot your ‘i’s’ and cross your ‘t’s’’s the  way to learn your ABC’s!

My Review:
Sequence Letters is such a blast for younger kids! I absolutely love how quickly this has helped my daughter learn her letters and letter sounds. She was really struggling before and bored with the old ways of learning them. Sequence Letters has made learning fun and as a homeschooling mom, that's something I really appreciate. This would be a terrific gift this holiday season for young kids just starting to learn their letters and letter sounds. While I already know my letter sounds and letters I still had a blast playing Sequence Letters so this is also something parents can enjoy playing with their kids. Such an awesome game!

Ages 3-6
2-4 Players


Play a card from your hand, place your chip on a corresponding character on the board...When you have 4 in a row, it's a SEQUENCE and you win! Use a UNICORN card to place your chip anywhere. Remove your opponent's chip with a DRAGON card. Have fun with you friends playing SEQUENCE®FOR KIDS™!

My Review:
Sequence for Kids is a hoot! My family and I love Sequence so we knew this would be a fun game for the kids. The kids love the animals and trying to get four in a row isn't always easy but it sure is fun! Sequence for Kids is perfect for kids age 3-6 and works best with 2-4 players. This would make a great addition to any game night collection!

Ages 6+
2-6 Players


Inspiring stories within the Bible. Now children and adults can learn about the Old and New Testament as they play the fun game of SEQUENCE. Pictures representing Bible stories are displayed on each card and the gameboard. The cards also include a story title and scripture reference. Players match the picture on a card to the same picture on the board, then place their chip there. Five chips in a row wins the game! It’s the fun, challenging game of BIBLE SEQUENCE.

My Review:
Bible Sequence is such a blast! What a fun way to learn about and remember Bible stories. My kids absolutely love this game! I love that it challenges them to remember stories of the Bible and makes it so much fun. Bible Sequence is great for kids 6+ and works best with 2-6 players. This is a really fun game for game night and one that parents and older kids can play together over and over again. So much fun!

Ages 6+
2-4 Players

In BIBLE MATCH FOUR,™ there are eight Bible stories, each consisting of 4 different pictures and scripture references. Color-coded pictures help for faster recognition of each card group. Players draw or swap cards to try and be the first to collect all four cards from one story and win the game!

My Review:
Bible Match 4 is so fun! It's perfect for kids age 6+ and works best with 2-4 players. I love that this helps my kids learn scripture references all while having a blast. The cards are color coded to make things easy but I absolutely love how well this is helping my kids learn about the eight Bible stories the cards reference. Such a fun and educational game!

Ages 8+
2-6 Players

Learn about animals and their environments as you follow the stone trail through the world’s habitats. Draw a “Wisdom & Consequence” card to learn about environmental hazards and to discover ways in which you can help improve the environment. With every correct answer to an animal or habitat question on the “Knowledge” cards, you collect one “Habitat” card. Collect two cards from each habitat to become an “Earth Steward” and win the game. It’s a fun expedition around the world for family and friends when you “HIT THE HABITAT TRAIL!”

My Review:
Hit the Habitat Trail! is such a terrific game! My daughter loves animals and one of her favorite things is learning about them. This game helps kids learn all about animals and their habitats. Hit the Habitat Trail! is perfect for ages 8+ and works best with 2-6 players. It makes learning about animals and their habitats fun and rewarding. Hit the Habitat Trail! is an awesome addition to family game night and would make a terrific gift for kids that love animals. 

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