Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pasolivo Lemon Olive Oil Review

In the heart of the lovely Paso Robles wine country lies the beautiful Pasolivo ranch.  Blessed by a combination of temperate Coastal California weather and rich, fertile soil, Pasolivo has been producing award-winning olive oils and welcoming visitors to their orchards and tasting room for over a decade.

Situated on over 140 acres of rolling hills along the central coast, this slice of heaven was originally owned by legendary Hollywood director and producer King Vidor, who called this place Willow Creek Ranch.   Vidor directed such classics as War & Peace, Stella Dallas, Northwest Passage, and The Champ, as well as the black and white portion of The Wizard of Oz.  Vidor, himself a survivor of a legendary tornado in his native Galveston, Texas, created the classic film’s epic tornado sequence as well as directed the iconic scene in which Judy Garland sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Purchased in 2012 by the Dirk family who fell in love with the magic of this place, Pasolivo still embraces the wild beauty that brought King Vidor here.  All around the property you will find majestic, towering oaks, flocks of lively wild turkeys, and families of deer.   The splendor and tranquility of the ranch are embraced by their staff, who are dedicated to providing visitors with a warm, educational experience and hospitality that is second to none.  

Pasolivo welcomes you to their ranch seven days a week.  Tour their orchards , sample their world-class olive oils and specialty foods, experience their luxurious bath and beauty products, or take part in one of their many special events. Come see for yourself this magical place and experience Pasolivo's dedication to a time-honored craft of producing the best-tasting olive oil, specialty food products, and the finest bath and body products in the world.

Blending the zest of real California-grown lemons with our Tuscan style extra virgin olive oil creates our delicious Lemon Olive Oil. Made from our own organically and sustainably farmed Mission and Pendolino olives which are handpicked and milled within a few hours of picking, our extra virgin olive oil has a robust flavor that pairs perfectly with the subtle brightness of fresh lemons. This highly versatile and extremely popular oil is smooth and finishes with a pleasant heat. It is delicious when drizzled over grilled asparagus and roast vegetables, it creates a perfect finish for seafood pasta, and it is ideal as a rub for roast chicken. 

Beautifully packaged in environmentally friendly tins that are lighter to transport and contain 50% recycled material, our oils are protected from the harmful effects of sunlight and oxygen, and maintain all of the flavors and health benefits of a truly premium olive oil. 

Taste our Lemon oil for yourself and discover the superior freshness and rich flavors that are the essence of Pasolivo – delicious olive oil that reflects the natural beauty of Paso Robles and the passion of people who are dedicated to hand crafting oil that is truly world class.

My Review:
Pasolivo Lemon Olive Oil makes and dish delicious! I love that Pasolivo Lemon Olive Oil is made from organically and sustainably farmed Mission and Pendolino olives that are handpicked and milled within a few hours of picking. This gives the olive oil its wonderful delicious robust flavor which pairs perfectly with the fresh lemon flavor. I love using this olive oil to roast vegetables and chicken. It's absolutely amazing and really takes are dish to the next level!

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