Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rani's Yummy Review

It all started when I became a mom. I knew there would come a day when my son was going to grow up and want junk food. I feared that day!  As a foodie I’ve always had a passion for nutritious food filled will tons of energy! I never wanted to be the mom that would have to deprive my son of all the foods he would want and desire. It was that moment I set myself on a journey to show him healthy foods do not have to be yucky… they can be YUMMY! I went to the grocery store and chose all the most popular candies and deserts and mimicked them with a nutritious twist, using one common ingredient that is loved in bake goods. Butter! However, a yummy snack that mimics junk food did not solve all my problems. I needed this snack to be at my convenience so I could put it in my son’s lunch box or take it in the car; otherwise it would stay in the cupboard. It was that moment I came up with an idea no one had: A fully functioning, on-the-go, single serving package you can shoot in your mouth. I was tired of bad packaging that when I would finally get it open, food wouldn’t fly everywhere. I was ready for those days to be over.

And so…Rani’s Yummy Shooter was born.

Now, It doesn’t stop there. Invention is the mother of necessity. As a single mom on food stamps needing to feed my son, and with a passion for food awareness, I’ve been inspired to start a company called Rani’s NutraFoods and bring Rani’s Yummy to market!

I hope you will enjoy the most convenient snack in the world and learn from just one YUMMY bite, junk food is not the only food that can taste good when you are looking for a treat.

Think Peanut Butter Cookie!

Peanut butter buttered oats.  packed with crunch and as yummy as a peanut butter cookie.

A big bag of your favorite YUMMY buttered oats cereal. 

Think Fudge Brownie!

Chocolate buttered oats. Like a chocolate brownie. Crunchy and chewy in every delicious bite.

Single pack of your favorite YUMMY Shooter!

Think Cinnamon Snap Cookie!

Simple flavorful buttered oats. A great depth in the cinnamon flavor. Think of a Cinnamon Snap Cookie.

Single pack of your favorite YUMMY Shooter!

Think French Toast!

French toast buttered oats. This one is sure to take you back to granola's roots. The traditional maple granola flavor you've always loved.

Single pack of your favorite YUMMY Shooter!

My Review:
Rani's Yummy's are absolutely delicious! I love that these are good for you and are not packed with a bunch of ingredients that you cannot pronounce. I also love that my kids enjoyed eating Rani's Yummys. I think every flavor is heavenly and honestly couldn't pick a favorite. Each one truly does taste like a peanut butter cookie, fudge brownie, cinnamon snap cookie or french toast. These didn't last long in my house and are the perfect snack for on the go when you're craving something sweet and delicious!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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