Thursday, November 5, 2015

B. Toys by Battat - B. Teepee & One Two Squeeze Review - #HGG

B. ready for the unexpected.

You’re right. The colors are a little different.

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how things are supposed to be.

Instead, we create toys that inspire individuality.

The designs don’t line up with mathematical precision.

The look, feel and function are inspired by the world around us. By our children’s faces. Our dreams. Our own childhoods. Our travels. By Peruvian textiles and New England foliage. By a pretty bar of soap that gave us a moment of delight.

Our process? Part joy. Part love. Part mischief. Part serendipity.

You’ll notice even our packaging feels a little different, both in your hands and to the Earth. We try to make life easier for moms and dads whenever possible. And our commitment to children goes well beyond the one chasing his sister around the house with one of our drumsticks.

At the end of the day, our goal is to be bigger than a toy company.

We want to be a voice to children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you.

Just B. Just you. B. you.


Just beautiful as it lights up from within. Twinkle, twinkle little one. Your magical teepee adventures have just begun.

Designed with gorgeous patterns and colors inspired by world travels
Once inside, pull the lantern's cord and discover a magical light show. Colorful stars are projected all around.

Roomy enough for a few real friends or hundreds of imaginary ones
You may never want to leave. (Which is okay. Just make sure someone in the kitchen delivers.)
11 pieces - easy to assemble and easy to put away. (Just try to be tense about this teepee.)

3 AA batteries included

Dimensions: 39.5" x 39.5" x 55"


My Review:
The B. Teepee by B. Toys is awesome! My seven year old put it together so it's super easy to assemble. One thing I was amazed by is how large it is. I have three girls age three, five and seven and they were all able to play inside. They absolutely love that it has a little window and velcrows shut. We used to have something similar to this that had a zipper on the front and with three girls with long hair it was a nightmare because the zipper would get stuck in their hair. So, I'm so glad that The B. Teepee by B. Toys uses velcrow which is also much easier for the kids to use. 

My kids favorite thing about the B. Teepee is that it comes with a lantern to hang in the top of the teepee which projects different colors and designs. The B. Teepee seems very well made and is much higher quality than other similar products we've had in the past. I highly recommend the B. Teepee and think it would make a wonderful gift this holiday season!

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Ten 1-to-10 blocks for one you.

Friendly animals & numbers 

1 to 10

Hand-sculpted relief pictures grace every side of every block





Chewable (BPA Free)

Highly Rated by Able Play

Each block is 2.13"

My Review:
B. Toys One Two Squeeze blocks are so fun! I love that they come with an assortment of shapes and are not just rectangles and squares. My son is six months old and absolutely loves to chew on these because they are so soft. They're squeezable and even squeak when you squeeze them which my son absolutely loves to do. I love that these blocks have numbers from 1-10 so I can help my three year old learn her numbers while we play. She enjoys stacking them and building all sorts of neat things. Something else I absolutely love about these One Two Squeeze blocks is that they are BPA free so I don't have to worry about my kids being exposed to BPA during play. This toy is so versatile. My kids even enjoy playing with them in the bath at bath time. I highly recommend One Two Squeeze blocks and think they would make a terrific gift this holiday season! 

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.


  1. I think my daughter would love the "one two squeeze" toy! It is age appropriate for her and I know she would enjoy the sensory toys.

  2. We went to a burning man party at a friends house this year and discovered they have a FULL SIZE teepee in their garden! It was amazing!

  3. I love B toys. Our favorite is their stackdos!

  4. We had blocks like these when they boys were little. We loved them.

  5. We never had one of these for our kids but they loved the tents we had. I love the idea of the Teepee.

  6. We had the 1, 2, Squeeze for my daughter when she was younger. She loves tents - she would LOVE that one!

  7. Oh this is so cute! I love the tent!

  8. I have never heard of any of these but they look so much fun!

  9. The teepee is so much fun. I kind of want one for myself.

  10. That teepee looks like a perfect hide-away for kids. A perfect reading corner as well. I know my kids would have loved it!

  11. This is our favorite toy company!! I love that teepee and now I'm going to have to check it out for Christmas gifts!

  12. Oh the teepee looks amazing. My kids had a castle once that looked like that. It was the perfect escape!

  13. Omg loving the teepee!!!! My 3 year old would love this in her room!

  14. I love B toys! I love how unique they are and the way they are designed! :) LifeAsLex

  15. My son is a sensory seeker and would love this! What a great gift for the holidays.

  16. I love those blocks, I always pick them up when I need gifts for the kids in the family!