Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Happy Pillow Rosie the Dog Pillow & Clip on Review - #HGG

Young determined entrepreneur Isabella was only 6 when her ingenuity and imagination turned her frustration of how to express herself without having to say a word to anyone into an animated toy that is instantly lovable, fun, charming, and expressive. Isabella came up with an invention that would allow children everywhere to not only play with a fun toy; but in doing so, learn about their emotional awareness that helps kids express themselves in an amusing entertaining way. 

By following her heart and intuition; Isabella insisted on bringing her imagination to life, and so the idea of My Happy Pillow soared! In 2014, Isabella dreamt up the idea of our first two characters: Sunny and Zee, the "Happy and Mad" Bear and Monkey pillows, which started what is now a collect them all fun educational toy of all different characters, each having different emotion, but always the Happy expression.

Rosie can be very happy or sad!

My Review:
My Happy Pillow Rosie the Dog Pillow is the perfect children's pillow! My daughter and I absolutely love how soft it is. Not only is the material incredible soft but the pillow itself is very soft. I have to admit, when my daughter leaves it downstairs I often use it for naps on the couch because it's so much more comfortable than the other pillows in the house. My daughter loves that one side is happy and one is sad and on a few occasions she's been unhappy and placed the sad side up to let me know. Usually it's happy face up. She loves to play with her sisters and pretends that the puppy is happy and then sad. I love that this pillow teaches kids about facial expressions and is fun to play with but also fun to nap with. This would be a wonderful gift this holiday season. 

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Clip on!

My Review:
Rosie the Dog Clip on by My Happy Pillow is so cute! I love that it matches the pillow and can be clipped onto just about anything. My daughter has Rosie the Dog Clip on clipped onto her purse that she takes in the car with her and loves to sit and play with it on our many car rides around town. It is made of soft material and is absolutely adorable. Rosie the Dog Clip on would make an awesome stalking stuffer this holiday season!

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