Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Take your Holiday Baking to the Next Level with LAFAZA Vanilla Products

At LAFAZA, we learned about the vanilla trade in a different way. Two of the founders lived and worked with local vanilla farmers associations in Madagascar as Peace Corps volunteers, and the other members of the American team have spent many years working working side by side with farmers in Madagascar.

Originally named From The Field Trading Company, we established our business to create more equitable, direct trade linkages between farmers and consumers, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable way. Between multiple bases in Madagascar and our warehouse in California, we manage the entire process of bringing gourmet LAFAZA vanilla products from farmers directly to you.

LAFAZA is the Malagasy name for a beautiful tree that grows in the lush tropical forests of Madagascar. Buying LAFAZA vanilla products helps conserve forests and protect the many endemic species that call them home.

Contains only hand-selected Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans

Grown under Organic Conditions 

No preservatives or additives

Gluten Free, All-Natural, Sun-Cured

We start with premium aromatic LAFAZA vanilla that has been sun-cured and dried to remove nearly all of the moisture in the pod. The beans are then ground to a fine powder and sealed for freshness.

Pure Ground Vanilla makes a convenient and delicious addition to baked goods, spice rubs, coffee, tea, specialty drinks, smoothies, dry mixes, and can be used in many recipes as a substitute for vanilla beans or vanilla extract.

Premium Vanilla Beans

Two Grade A-1 Premium Vanilla Beans

Grown under Organic Conditions

Gluten Free, All-Natural, Sun-Cured

Environmentally Sustainable, Ethically-traded

LAFAZA  A-1 Grade Premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans represent the finest vanilla produced by farmers each year—the cream of the crop. These 2 whole vanilla beans are fragrant and full of seeds, with deep black coloration and moist, flexible pods.

A-1 Grade Premium Madagascar vanilla beans make a wonderful and fresh addition to baking recipes, desserts, savory dishes, and specialty beverages.

For most recipes, a single A-1 premium Madagascar vanilla bean is equivalent to 2 tablespoons of Pure Vanilla Extract, or 1 tablespoon of Pure Ground Vanilla.

Crafted using a 2-week, cold-extraction process

Made using the finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

From beans grown under organic conditions

Non-GMO, All-Natural 

This Single-Fold Pure Vanilla Extract contains our signature blend of all-natural Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Our extracts are made using a slow, cold-extraction process, that brings out the deep flavor notes and rich aroma of our forest-grown vanilla.

LAFAZA’s Single-Fold Vanilla Extract has a full-bodied, creamy and rich flavor. It’s unique flavor signature results from using some of the highest quality vanilla beans grown each year in Madagascar. It’s a perfect addition to both sweet and savory dishes alike.


We infuse Organic Cane Sugar with gourmet Vanilla Beans and Pure Ground Vanilla Powder.

This product is a wonderful addition to coffee, tea, your morning bowl of oatmeal, or any recipe you want to enhance with gourmet, all-natural vanilla flavor!

Organic Cane Sugar infused with LAFAZA Vanilla Beans and Pure Ground Vanilla Powder.

My Review:
LAFAZA Vanilla Products are wonderfully delicious! The vanilla flavor in each end every product is exquisitely wonderful. Have you ever tasted a desert that someone else made and wondered why it tastes so much better than something similar that you've made. Most recipes are pretty similar but since I've really gotten into baking I've discovered that the quality of ingredients are just as important as the ingredients. LAFAZA Vanilla Products make the difference and give anything you make that star quality making it a hit with everyone who tastes it. Their products are top quality and it's a quality that you can see, taste and smell. The vanilla smell is absolutely amazing and the taste is heavenly. 

I highly recommend LAFAZA Vanilla Products for all your holiday baking this season!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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