Monday, February 8, 2016

Beeler's Pork Review


The Beeler story began way back in 1846 when our great-great Grandpa Fred emigrated from Germany and settled in the gently rolling hills of Madison County, Iowa. On his farmstead Grandpa began raising pigs. Grandpa Beeler’s agricultural endeavors met success when he loaded his provisions into his horse drawn wagon and left Truro, Iowa, headed for Denver, Colorado.


Six generations later, we’re proud to say, our family is still carrying on Grandpa’s legacy of raising and marketing pork products. Of course, in Grandpa Beeler’s day raising pork was much different than in today’s ”high tech” world.

Generations of Excellence!

Quite possibly the best tasting pork products on the planet!

We learned Grandpa Beeler’s “old world” way of raising pigs had a lot of merit. Consequently we have come full circle, utilizing some of Grandpa’s “old world” ways with some of today’s “high tech” methods developing:

Raising our pigs humanely is top priority. So much so that several years ago we built an all new pig farm, nestled deep in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa. One like no other. Free of gestation crates the pigs are allowed to move about and socialize in large deep bedded pens or even go outside.

Vegetarian diets containing no animal by products, antibiotics, growth promotants or ractopamine (paylean), ever. Insuring a safe wholesome meal for your family or guests. Concerned about GMO grains? We are in the process of converting to non gmo diets.

My Review:
Beeler's Pork is unbelievably good! Beeler's Pork offers a wide selection of pork products that are humanely raised, eat a vegatarian diet containing no animal by products, antibiotics, growth promotants or ractopamine. I know many people who think pork is bad for you but I totally disagree! Generations before ours ate pork and they were healthier than my generation. I think eating real natural food is the key to being healthy and with Beeler's Pork you can be sure you're doing just that. The care that goes into producing their pork is phenomenal. 

Then, we get into the flavor. It's absolutely divine. The bacon was literally melt in your mouth delicious. I love that they offer bacon in a few different flavors such as garlic and pepper, apple cinnamon, hardwood smoked, and hickory smoked. Their breakfast sausage and sausage links also had incredible flavor and made a great addition to breakfast. Their bratwursts, chorizo links, sausage links and Italian sausage are also incredibly delicious. 

Beeler's Pork makes incredible pork products that you just have to taste to believe how incredibly good it is! 

Beeler's Pork is available at:

Natural Grocers - AZ and throughout the US
Sometimes featured in Bountiful Baskets - AZ and throughout the US
Johnny Gibson - Tucson
Tempe Farmer's Market
Rencon Market

HEB (Bacons only) - TX
Hy-vee (Health Markets) - Midwest
Earth Fare (Bacons only) - Throughout the US
New Seasons Market - OR
New Leaf - CA
Jimbo's - San Diego
Market of Choice - OR
La Montineda - NM
Cids - NM

Many co-ops and natural food stores throughout the US

Beeler's Pork can also can ship products from their office but customers need to call (877) 378-8520 to place an order as web ordering isn't yet available.

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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