Thursday, February 18, 2016

snu:mee & Sleeve Review

snu:mee is revolutionizing the traditional music box concept by bringing lullaby versions of famous rock and pop songs into families’ homes at the touch of their fingertips in a compact, user-friendly device. PLUS, this modern day music box also serves a baby monitor, mp3 player and Wi-Fi speaker. As a baby monitor, parents can hear every little coo or cry, talk to their baby and adjust the alert sensitivity and volume settings. snu:mee can be controlled with its buttons or over Wi-Fi with the free mobile App. The App also lets you add music, customize playlists and transfer any music file using Wi-Fi. Best of all, snu:mee’s unique design allows it to grow with families and their changing needs from infancy into adulthood.


Baby monitor with up to 300m signal range

Feature packed MP3 player

Free app for iOS and Android

60 decibel volume limiter for babies' sensitive hearing

Headphone connector

Sleep timer allowing you to decide how long the music plays

Wi-Fi music streaming

Secure connection

Variety of cuddly sleeves to choose from!

4GB memory, enough for more than 500 songs

While having an mp3 player and wireless speaker is great for older kids and adults, we wanted to make snu:mee something that babies can fall in love with. That's why we worked with a top design firm in Germany (Studio Wagner:Design) to create the amazing design of snu:mee as well as the cuddly sleeves to make snu:mee more personal, friendly and easy to cuddle. We have 10 sleeves to choose from.

Made from soft, durable material that's machine washable.

My Review:
snu:mee is an absolutely wonderful product for parents! I absolutely love that snu:mee works as a baby monitor and can be listened to right from the app on your iOS or Android device. snu:mee works terrific as an MP3 player, Wi-Fi music streaming device and you can even plug headphones into it. The snu:mee also has a secure connection which is absolutely crucial in this day an age. The timer is perfect because you can decide how long to play music for and it has 4GB memory, enough for more than 500 songs! 

 I also love that you can purchase a snu:mee sleeve that serves as a soft cuddly toy for baby that can be placed right in the crib. There's several different sleeves available so there's sure to be one you'll love.

I highly recommend snu:mee and think it's a wonderful product! 

Make sure you get yours for the incredible price of $79!

snu:mee is currently only available in Europe for over $140 but is launching its US crowdfunding campaign on February 15, 2016!

Super Early Bird snu:mee
$79 USD + Shipping

Lucky Early Bird! Get snu:mee at the lowest price that it will ever be available. With projected retail at $139 (savings of $60 on your Early Bird snu:mee). You get 12 amazing lullabies included in your purchase.

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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