Friday, May 13, 2016

Get Cooking with Blue Key World's Multipurpose 8 Inch Stainless Steel Straight Edge Chefs Knife!

A Knife for All Seasons!

The knife in the kitchen is the most used utensil, that's why we've created the Blue Key World Chef’s Knife. Enjoy effortless food preparation with this versatile, finely balanced, super sharp knife with ergonomic handle designed for everyday use.

Perfect for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, julienne cuts, butchering cuts of meat and much more!

Featuring an ergonomic handle and razor sharp cutting blade for lasting use. Anti-corrosion and tapered grinding make it superior wear resistant and sharper than ever!

Features and benefits:

Stainless Steel
Ergonomic Handle
Hand Wash; Air Dry
Slices all food
30-Day Happiness Guarantee

My Review:
Blue Key World Multipurpose 8 Inch Stainless Steel Straight Edge Chefs Knife is perfect! I love that its the perfect weight and that the blade is incredibly sharp. I honestly had no idea how dull my old Chefs knife was until I began using this Blue Key World Chefs Knife. It cuts through just about everything with ease which helps to eliminate accidental cuts. I've cut myself many times and most of the times it's been while using a dull knife. I also love how easy the handle fits in my hand. It's like it was made specifically for me. Blue Key World Multipurpose 8 Inch Stainless Steel Straight Edge Chefs Knife is the perfect knife for using in the kitchen and I highly recommend it!

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