Monday, May 23, 2016

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter a Peanut Butter Like No Others!

“How did your Peanut Butter Company come to be?” Well, it was only because of the craving one day for a PB&J when I didn’t have any bread, jelly or peanut butter in the house! Believe it or not, that craving was the beginning of Pacific Beach Peanut Butter.

Let’s back up here for a moment. I moved to Pacific Beach, California after graduating college but, due to random life events - and the state of the economy - I had to leave. I loved it there so much that I vowed that one day I WOULD be back. Sitting on my couch one afternoon in my new location, my daily hunger for a PB&J hit me. (I pride myself on staying fit so I knew the health benefits of peanut butter and incorporated it into my daily regimen.) Well aware that I had eaten the last of my peanut butter on a waffle earlier that morning, I searched the internet to locate a place to buy my sammie locally. When nothing came up, I started to wonder if I could just make some myself.
So I began searching for the best way to make my own peanut butter. After reading many articles on the subject, I was excited to learn that I could walk into a certain store, dump nuts in a grinder and instantly receive peanut butter. I immediately left to go try it out. I fell in love – not so much with the taste of the peanut butter – but with the idea that the peanut butter came out naturally warm because of the grinding process. I knew there and then that I would eat warm fresh peanut butter the rest of my life!

I’ll never forget the day I received my first peanut grinder. The fun truly began as the kitchen became my office and playpen. Trying different combinations to come up with the perfect All Natural Peanut Butter - and then adding my favorite flavors to it - gave me this unbelievable sense of joy. The spread combinations just kept getting better and better! I quit my unsatisfying job and moved back into my parent’s house so I could (save money! and)  focus my time and energy on flavor creations. And it worked!

Many jars were tasted by many friends to create the perfect balance of flavoring. My friends began begging for samples as they had never tasted anything quite like it! They loved it so much they were eating it right from the jar with a spoon! (That explains our tag line, right?)

I'm a go-getter and love to talk to people but not the best when it comes to details. Knowing that businesses fail when a 'big picture' guy tries to handle all the small stuff (and since my Mom is an executive assistant), we (and a chunk of private investor cash!) decided to go into the peanut butter business together. We decided that I would launch this great new product in Pacific Beach……and well, here we are! We have the best tasting All Natural Peanut Butter and quite a few phenomenal Flavored Peanut Butter Spreads. We use only the highest quality ingredients... from the peanuts... to the chocolate... to the cinnamon... everything! Oh, and every jar is FILLED BY big run-of-the-mill manufacturing plants here! I knew that to have the best taste, we had to keep our standards high and I wanted to ensure that our Peanut Butter and Spreads were like no others.
So, now you know your peanut butter options are endless. Please enjoy! Wanna Spoon?
-Matthew Mulvihill, Founder

We just had to claim it as Our Signature Peanut Butter because we know that we've created the best tasting Peanut Butter ever! With an ever so light crunch of toffee and 4g of Protein per serving, you'll see why it's our best selling flavor. Certified Kosher D by OK Kosher.

Finally, the great tasting Organic Peanut Butter you've been searching for! Made with USA grown Organic Valencia peanuts (nothing else!), a mixture of salted and unsalted nuts. They're tiny, they're sweet, and they're oh so good! Certified ORGANIC by CCOF and certified KOSHER by OK Kosher.

My Review:
Pacific Beach Peanut Butter is incredibly delicious! I absolutely love the flavor of Pacific Beach Peanut Butter. It's creamy yet rich and kinda melts in your mouth. Pacific Beach Peanut Butter has a delicious uniqueness to it that you just have to taste to experience. Pacific Beach Signature Peanut Butter has yummy little bits of toffee that takes peanut butter up a notch. I never would have thought that peanut butter and toffee would go together so well but boy does it! Pacific Beach Peanut Butter has perfected peanut butter and I highly recommend you all get you hands on some!

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