Monday, May 23, 2016

Slip into Ethically and Sustainably Made Organic Clothing by PACT Apparel!

No Sweatshops
Real people make your clothing. We care about the process and the people who are a part of it -- from the farmer planting the seed to the seamster sewing the final stitch. Our clothing is sweatshop free, ethically produced, and part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. Our cut + sew factories are top tier in environmental and social standards. We only partner with factories that treat workers well and compensate them well, too, so their families and communities can thrive.

No Child Labor
Child labor is an epidemic in the clothing and textiles industry, and we believe that children should be getting grass on their shirts, not manufacturing them. When you slip into a soft PACT T-shirt or a pair of cozy socks, you can be certain it was crafted in a safe environment by well-compensated grown-ups -- not kids. We believe in fair wages so families can live well, and their children can be in school where they belong. PACT clothing is about more than fabric and thread -- it’s about people, too.

No Toxic Pesticides
The conventional cotton industry uses a whopping 25% of all the world's insecticides and 10% of the world's pesticides in its fields. Our farmers use organic methods in lieu of conventional pesticides, so you can rest easy knowing it’s free of harmful chemicals -- just super-soft cotton you’ll feel good in and about.

Non-GMO Organic Cotton
Harmful dyes? Hazardous chemicals that strip the land of its growing power? Increased debt burden on farmers? No, nah, and not our stuff. Conventional cotton often requires chemical fertilizers that increases costs for farmers and often leaves residue on the end product. Our non-GMO cotton is great for you and the farmers growing it. We use a superior organic long-staple cotton combed for extra softness to bring you cozy, comfortable clothes that feel amazing and fit just right. So good, you'll never want to wear anything else.

Prove It
Just because a garment is labeled as green, sustainable, or eco-friendly does not make it so. We partner with OCS (Organic Content Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Fair Trade USA to certify the organic content in our apparel and ensure that all PACT clothing is made ethically and sustainably.

92% organic cotton/8% elastane

Comfortable rise that sits at your true waist

Comfy cozy cotton and just enough stretch for the perfect fit.

Never see-through.

GOTS Certified

95% organic cotton/5% elastane

Stretch jersey fabric hugs curves in all the right places.

Classic silhouette with the perfect neckline -- not too low, not too high.

Hits just above the knee

GOTS Certified

Fair Trade Cotton

100% organic cotton

Pre-washed for softness. Won't shrink!

Features cute side pockets

GOTS Certified

Fair Trade Cotton

82% organic cotton/17% nylon/1% elastane

Always retains shape and looks great

Highest strength cotton yarn used for durability

Flat knit toe seams for comfort

GOTS Certified

My Review:
PACT Apparel makes amazingly comfortable clothing! PACT Apparel's clothing has to be some of the softest most comfortable clothing I've ever worn. The dresses are perfect for warmer weather and look absolutely amazing. I also love the cropped legging's by PACT Apparel because I can still wear my long flowing tunics when it gets warmer out. Then, there's PACT Apparel's Super Soft Organic Women's No-See-Um Socks. They're incredibly comfortable and feel so light it's like your not even wearing socks. They're perfect for wearing with ballet flats or just around the house. Honestly I wear them every chance I get because they look so cute. 

I love that PACT Apparel's clothing is made by real people without the use of sweatshops and child labor. I also love that their clothing is made from Non-GMO Organic Cotton and contains no toxic pesticides. Another great thing about PACT Apparel is that they back up these claims with real certifications from OCS (Organic Content Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Fair Trade USA to certify the organic content in their apparel and ensure that all PACT clothing is made ethically and sustainably. PACT Apparel is a terrific company that makes high quality comfortable clothing and I highly recommend them!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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