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The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate is the Perfect Way to Keep Baby Safe Around the Home!

Dreambaby® is an internationally renowned child safety brand available in more than 100 countries. Our extensive range of products is specifically designed to provide parents and carers with modern home safety solutions that make it easy to help keep children safe in and around the home.

Our products are designed to not only help make your home safer, but also to make life easier.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, car or out and about, Dreambaby® can help put your mind at ease with award-winning safety gates, locks and latches, thermometers to help when your child is sick, and toilet training and feeding products.

Our safety locks and latches are available in both screw-in and adhesive options and there is also a Silver Style Range designed to complement modern stainless interiors. You can see just how easy our safety gates, locks and latches are to install by visiting DreambabyTV on YouTube.


The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate is a fantastic, versatile play pen which can be used in so many ways at home. The six easy-to-adjust panels are fantastic as they can suit any type of home layout, and can be placed in any area or room around the home.

The panels can be opened to create an extra-long gate, or as a protective guard around a room, a door, a fireplace or more. As a play-pen, it can be set up in a variety of shapes, remaining large enough for your little ones to enjoy free space to play around in.

Constructed from durable, sturdy metal, the play-pen is safe and secure to use, and will last a long time. The panels have secure corner attachments to connect one another, and the compact design allows for them to be stored away easily. The play-pen is portable, which makes it ideal for travelling and using in multiple areas around the home.

The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3-in-1 Gate is a must-have for young families looking to
keep their babies and toddlers safe by blocking off wide areas such as open-plan kitchens as well as
access to potentially dangerous features of the home like fireplaces! With the new additions of the
Dreambaby® Royale Converta® Extensions, this system is the ultimate is care and convenience whilst looking good too!

Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3-in-1 overview:
Six individual modular panels creating a wide gate and including a convenient walk through gate. 

Converts quickly into a six sided play-pen and can also be configured to help block off fire places to small children.

Made of a sturdy, yet lightweight metal construction.

Simple to construct and install - panels can easily be locked into place - and with its compact design, it folds down for easy storage.

Portable and packable to take away with you on your next holiday!

So easy to configure to suit individual layouts and needs.

3.8m (151in) wide and 74cm (29in) tall;

6 modular panels including convenient walk through gate

My Review:
The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate is the perfect way to keep baby safe around the home! As a mom of 4 I'm absolutely in love with this play-pen. It was extremely easy to set up and keeps my son out of trouble while I'm cooking, cleaning and doing various other household tasks. I have three girls and my son is about a year old, and boy is he a handful. He's into everything so I needed and easy way to contain him and absolutely adore this play pen because it's large enough for him to take enough of his toys to keep him busy and entertained while I get a few things done. Another huge added bonus for me is that his three year old sister loves to go in the Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate and play with him and again because it's so large this works out perfectly.

The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate is made is a high quality play pen and works absolutely wonderfully. I also really like that you can attach it to the wall to place it in front of a fireplace, bookshelf or really anything that you need to keep baby away from. The gate opens with ease which is extremely helpful to this mom of 4 who often has her hands full. Although my girls were pretty easy as babies, I really wish I'd have had something like this for them as it would have saved me so much extra work trying to get things done around the house.

I highly recommend this Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate!

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