Thursday, September 29, 2016

How I Keep my Minivan AKA the Rolling Toy Box Clean and Organized with Diono!

Diono is committed to providing car seat safety to families everywhere with innovative and advanced travel solutions.

Diono car seats, Convertible boosters, storage solutions, stroller and travel accessories consistently earn high ratings from industry experts and families worldwide. Our product designs combine safety, convenience and style.

Since our company started Diono has worked to solve the real everyday worries and hassles parents face. Our first product idea was born from a family discussion on a documentary demonstrating the consequences of improperly secured car seats in collisions. Within the year family members had created a prototype that would come to be known as Mighty-Tite® — the world’s first and only seatbelt tightener designed for ease of use and peace of mind.

Our products have been featured in numerous magazines including Creative Child, Parenting, Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Newborn, and Fit Pregnancy.

We look back at these milestones with pride and remain committed to continuing to provide our customers the quality, ingenuity and convenience you’ve come to expect from Diono products.

Keeps everything organized and easy to find when you need it.

  Our Stow ‘n Go seatback organizer does it all with seven full-sized pockets and two drink holders in a washable, waterproof fabric. The top fastens around any headrest while the bottom fastens around the seat for a secure fit. Folds for easy storage in seat back pocket when not in use.

 Designed to keep books and toys neat and organized. It has a deep cargo bin for toys and lots of pockets for smaller things too. It also has insulated drink holders and the entire cargo area is waterproof – just in case.

The pop-open design maintains its shape providing full seat protection and the large cargo pocket holds everything. Fastens easily around any headrest and the adjustable lower tab secures it in place. Folds for easy storage in seat back pocket.

My Review:
How I keep my minivan AKA the Rolling Toy Box clean and organized with Diono! 

Ever since we bought our minivan about a year ago my kids seem to think it's a rolling toy box. They store so much junk in it! I'm also completely amazed at how quickly they can restock it after I clean it out. After cleaning it out time and time again I got clever and decided we needed to have a place for their things in the car and a rule that if it didn't fit it couldn't come in the car. 

With Diono's stow ‘n go™ it not only protects the back of the seats in the minivan but it holds a ton of items. Diono's stow ‘n go™ also keep everything organized because it has several pockets. Diono's stuff ‘n scuff™ also protects the back of seats but doesn't have quite as many compartments so it's perfect for my one year old who hasn't started to try to bring an armful of stuff every time we walk out the door. Both the stow ‘n go™ and stuff ‘n scuff™ are extremely east to install and only take a few seconds. 

Diono's travel pal™ is awesome for my bigger girls who sit in the back of the minivan because they can place it in the middle of them and share it. Diono's travel pal™ can hold both of their cups, their books, toys, crayons and so much more. I also love that it can be folded up and tucked under the seat when not in use. 

With these products from Diono my minivan is much more organized and we don't have toys and such falling out every time we open the doors. If you're looking for a little organization in your vehicle then check out these products. They've been amazing for my family and I highly recommend them!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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