Friday, September 2, 2016

Remove Ugly Odors in Your Home Naturally with Fresh Wave's New Products!

The Fresh Wave family of natural odor-removing products has been around for a while. Like over 20 years. And you’ll be happy to know that from day one, our family of odor-removing products has been made with natural ingredients. Yes, natural ingredients. As in the good stuff you find in nature…not harsh chemicals that were manufactured in a lab. Truth be told, Fresh Wave has been made with natural ingredients since long before it was trendy or cool to use natural products. Hey, what can we say? We love being different. #trendsetter

The Fresh Wave soy-based Candle is perfect for removing odors caused by cooking, smoke, pets and more!  Our candle burns cleanly and is environmentally friendly (oh yeah!) And the best part? It removes stinky odors with natural goodness, not perfumes or fragrance.

Loads of happiness is within reach. Fresh Wave Laundry Booster removes odors using natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. No harmful ingredients. Give your laundry detergent a boost and remove difficult, set-in odors. Add 2 to 4 capfuls during the wash or rinse cycle. To remove washer odors, wet a soft cloth with Laundry Booster. Wipe the rubber gasket, the door and any other visible seals.

Bad odors are exhausting. Fresh Wave is your relief. Cleaning the carpet shouldn’t result in polluting your fresh air. Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads prevent vacuum exhaust odors from making your home smell every time you run the sweeper. Plus (total bonus) they also keep your vacuum smelling fresh between uses.

Let happiness sweep you away!

My Review:
Fresh Wave Odor-Removing Products are incredible! As a mom of 4 kids we have some pretty serious smells in our house at times. We also have 2 cats that contribute to the smells quite often. Fresh Wave's odor removing candle is awesome for removing odors in your entire house. I love the smell of the candle and that it's easy to use after you cook dinner to get odors from cooking out of the air. Another product I love is Fresh Wave's laundry booster! I have sweaty gym clothes that seem to retain odors even after being washed. When I used Fresh Wave's laundry booster they smelled incredible and the smell didn't come out when I began to sweat at the gym. Fresh Wave's odor removing vacuum beads are the perfect way to freshen the air in your home while vacuuming. Simply place them in your vacuums canister or bag and they'll remove odors from the air while you vacuum. 

Fresh Wave's products really are wonderful and they work amazing all while only using natural non toxic ingredients!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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