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Live a Healthier Lifestyle with Ergo Chef My Juicer II & Grinder Assembly!

Like most unique companies, Ergo Chef was founded serendipitously.

Scott Staib wasn’t supposed to make knives; he was supposed to be a chef. After his training at Johnson & Wales University, Scott set out to rise through the culinary ranks. His first stop was an ultra-swanky country club where he proved his mettle as the sauté and grill chef. Next was his gig as sous chef for Aramark Food Service Corporation. He was on the fast track in foodservice when he was sidelined by tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome—a result of the repetitive motion injuries caused by frequent chopping and slicing. Without a fully-functioning wrist, Staib could not cook his dinner, let alone advance his career.

He was not alone.

Scott found that he was not the only chef—professional or home—to suffer from tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. He enrolled his engineer brother, Mike, to help find the solution. They worked closely with designers at the family’s design and machining company in New England to examine how a conventional knife fits in a chef’s hand, the movement of a chef’s wrist and hand during chopping and the angle at which a knife hits the cutting board. Together, they crafted a knife that was a true extension of a chef’s hand.

After just three weeks of using the ergonomically-designed knives, Scott’s persistent tendonitis and carpal tunnel symptoms disappeared. He created 50 prototypes of the knives and sent them to professional chefs, student chefs and culinary professors across the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and Ergo Chef was born in 2002.

Blend Well - Live Better!

The My Juicer II is our new personal Sport Bottle Juice Maker blender and smoothie maker.  This blender has a powerful heavy duty 300+ Watt Motor and new more modern base frame design for a  sleek, elegant look in any kitchen. We have designed the blade mechanism to precision tight tolerance for quickly blending frozen foods, fresh vegetables and fruit in under 1 minute.  Simply place your fruit and liquid up to the fill line or use the measurements on the side of the bottle to get the right amount you desire.  Then the blade assembles onto the Triton(R) Shatter Proof Sport bottle, place on motor base in position by lining up the arrows and turn bottle to begin blending your way to better health or a cold refreshing drink. The My Juicer II by Ergo Chef extracts the nutrients from the food your blending so your body can better digest and absorb the nutrients for a healthier you.

Advanced blade design and bottle provide easy use and clean up. 

Includes: Stainless Steel and Composite Plastic Motor Base with suction feet,  Sport Bottle and Lid,  & 1 Blade Assembly


Powerful Heavy Duty Motor for Crushing Ice, Frozen Veggies & Fruit 300+ WATT (320 Watt Max Power)

Motor Base has suction feet for stable operation & Handle for easy storing and taking with you to the office

Sport Bottle is Triton(R) shatter Proof Composite Plastic Material, BPA Free for a healthier lifestyle - Fits in most car cup holders

Bottle top has compression fit cap for no accidental spills

Bottle has measurement Marks on side so you fill it just right

Easy to use, convenient size and easy cleanup!

1 Year Limited Warranty

Instruction Booklet & Recipe's Included from our Corporate Chef Randy Smith

My Juicer II Grinder Assembly for grinding coffee, nuts, flax seeds, Chia seeds etc. This includes the cup and special grinder blades for use on the My Juicer II.  Great for making crushing coffee beans to any size, or adding fresh ground flax, or chia seed to your smoothies for healthier drinks.  5 seconds will produce course large grains, 12 seconds a finer grain and 20+ seconds will make it extra fine and powder like. The My Juicer II Grinder Assembly is a great addition for added nutrition in your juice, and smoothies for a healthier more flavorful way of life.


BPA Free Grinder Cup dishwasher safe top rack

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades for Durability

The Specially Designed Grinder Blades are Made for pulverizing Nuts, Seeds and Coffee beans to Different Sizes and Consistency.

1 Year Limited Warranty - Non-commercial use.

Grinder Blade & Cup Dimensions:


Simply place warm water in cup upto fill line after use with a few drops of dish soap.  Place on motor base and turn on. It will blend & naturally clean itself.  If needed use sponge for dried on drinks. Take apart and dry with a clean towel.

My Review:
My Juicer II by Ergo Chef  Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker with Sport Bottle is amazing! My Juicer II by Ergo Chef blends everything with ease! I'm a huge fan of smoothies and love that My Juicer II comes with a Triton Shatter Proof Sports bottle that's the perfect size for me. Now in the mornings I can simply blend, grab and go! Mornings are extremely hectic in my house so being able to make a quick smoothie for breakfast is the perfect way for me to eat a healthy balanced breakfast. The My Juicer II by Ergo Chef extracts the nutrients from the food your blending so your body can better digest and absorb the nutrients for a healthier you. I've been using the My Juicer II by Ergo Chef for over a week now and I feel light on my toes and extremely healthy.

I also really love the My Juicer II Grinder Assembly because I can use it to grind coffee, nuts, flax seeds and Chia seeds into different sizes and consistencies. I love adding flax and Chai seeds to salads to make them extra healthy but sometimes the kids don't really care for whole seeds so allowing me to grind them up allows me to sneak them into my families foods undetected for a little added nutrition. 

Both the My Juicer II and My Juicer II Grinder Assembly by Ergo Chef are fantastic products and I highly recommend them for living a healthy lifestyle!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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