Monday, November 20, 2017

Get Ready To Fall in Love with the New Sweet Potato Sunchips!

SunChips® are wavy, ripple-y squares with whole grain goodness. Open a bag of SunChips® snacks and you’ll find yourself at the crossroads where yummy and wholesome meet. It’s true. SunChips® snacks are specially formulated to hold 21 grams of whole grains and 21 gazillion grams* of tongue-tingling flavor. So grab a bag and treat your tastebuds to the deliciousness they deserve.

When it comes to relevant fall flavors, sweet potato tops the charts as a new fan favorite – especially in veggie chips – according to a recent Mintel study. Made with real sweet potato, 100 percent whole grains and no artificial flavors or preservatives, this new offering delivers a delightful flavor made from veggie ingredients. Fans can find the limited-edition SunChips Sweet Potato at retail stores nationwide beginning October 16 through mid-December

My Review:
Get ready to fall in love with the new Sweet Potato Sunchips! If you love sweet potatoes then you will absolutely love these delicious Sweet Potato Sunchips. They taste just like sweet potatoes and make the perfect snack. I love that they're sweet and salty which satisfy two of my biggest cravings. They're crunchy just like a good chip should be and I love that they're also made with whole grains. They're the Sunchips you already love packed with the delicious sweet potato flavor you crave!

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