Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop From Hammacher Schlemmer Makes the Perfect Gift! #HGG

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This is the robotic floor cleaner that navigates autonomously to dry sweep or wet mop floors. The device courses across hard surface floors in a back and forth manner and uses the included microfiber cloths to sweep up dirt, dust, and hair or the mopping cloths and water to wash floors. The included palm-sized terrestrial satellite sets up on a table or countertop and, similar to GPS, emits a signal that systematically guides the robotic cleaner through the room until it's covered the entire space. On-board sensors ensure the device avoids furniture, area rugs, and stairs and its rectangular cleaning head reaches into corners, along baseboards, and under furniture to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas. Its whisper-quiet operation enables it to clean without disrupting conversations and sleepers. The unit cleans for up to four hours and 1,000' sq. as a sweeper and up to 2 1/2 hours and 350' sq. as a mop, and recharges via AC in four hours. Includes two sweeping cloths and two mopping cloths. Includes two C batteries for satellite. Also compatible with widely available electrostatic or pre-moistened cloths.

My Review:
The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop from Hammacher Schlemmer makes the perfect gift! Let me just tell you, the Robotic Wet/Dry Mop from Hammacher Schlemmer has been an amazing time saver in my house. Not only has it been a time saver but it's also keeping me sane! My family and I moved into our new home about 7 months ago and have yet to landscape our backyard. So, that means my huge backyard is all dirt right now, which the kids love. As a mom of 4, I definitely don't care for the dirt. My kitchen floor was literally covered in dirt and dust daily from the kids going in and out. 

The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop from Hammacher Schlemmer not only dry sweeps my floors but it mops them as well! My floors have honestly never looked or felt better. I used to have to wear shoes in my kitchen because the dust and dirt would drive me crazy. And, with a pool construction and landscaping about to get started I'm so incredibly thankful to have the Robotic Wet/Dry Mop from Hammacher Schlemmer to keep my floors clean. The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop from Hammacher Schlemmer removes all the dirt and dust from my floors and the wet mop function actually scrubs back and forth and even removes stuck on messes. If you're looking for a product that actually works to keep floors clean then this is it! The Robotic Wet/Dry Mop from Hammacher Schlemmer would make an amazing gift for anyone this holiday season that has floors to be cleaned! It's an absolutely amazing product and I highly recommend it!

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