Monday, November 27, 2017

JA-VIE Flats Have Superb Arch Support, Flexibility and Make a Terrific Gift for Her! #HGG

JA-VIE offers stylish flats with superb arch support and flexibility.

Made of patent-pending technology, these shoes combine the softest double-ply mercerized cotton knit "sock" with lightweight jelly outsoles and cushioned leather insoles. The result is a second skin fit with dynamic flexibility and maximum support for your feet.

Our Story

Natalie and Eric are high school sweethearts,who have been together for over 18 years.  When pregnant with the couples’ first child, Natalie had a very difficult delivery and could not walk for several months due to severe pelvic bone separation. She was literally walking in pain for months. It was during this time that she and Eric saw the opportunity to make pretty, comfortable flats using socks!! "I couldn't find pretty flats that were comfortable enough to wear day in and day out" Natalie said. Being a fashion girl, she didn't want to sacrifice looks for comfort.

Leveraging their expertise in R&D/supply chain, they spent two years developing a better shoe and finally perfected the prototype. They named the brand “JA-VIE” - after their 2 beautiful children Javier and Viera.

Navy, Ruffles, Comfort-You asked and we were happy to deliver! The perfect basic with a little twist.

Solid Navy with Navy Ruffle elastic edge

Made of patented technology, these flats combine the softest double-ply mercerized cotton knit "sock" with lightweight jelly out-sole and cushioned leather insoles, with arch, ball and heel support. Remember that Ja-vies are EU sizes—you may need to size up! IE: A US size 8 is an EU 39.  Check out our sizing guide.

My Review:
JA-VIE flats have superb arch support, flexibility and make a terrific gift for her! Let me tell you, with the holidays upon us, the one thing I'm not looking forward to is wearing uncomfortable shoes. I absolutely love to dress up but hate uncomfortable shoes. That's why I absolutely adore my JA-VIE flats! They are absolutely perfect for dressy wear but also work for a casual outfits and they're extremely comfortable. Just one look at the inside of these shoes and you'll see why! It's like you're walking on clouds when you wear JA-VIE flats! They have the arch support your feet crave and even support the ball and heel of the foot, leaving your feet happy and ready for anything. JA-VIE flats are also incredibly stylish and come in a wide variety so there's sure to be a few you'll fall in love with. JA-VIE flats are my go to shoes while holiday shopping, heading to parties or just hanging out at home. I absolutely love them and highly recommend them. As soon as you put them on, I just know you'll love them as much as I do!

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